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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Time For "Social Media Restraint"?

I've read today that more people will read my Blog, Facebook Updates and Tweets if I develop a "fun online personality".

Moreover, I should not make every post about my newest special offer or service.  (oops!) i.e. the advice is that I should excercise "social media restraint". Hmmm .. think bubble: I can see the value in that!

It's sooo easy, when I have so many special offers (there I go again), to fire out bogofs, voucher codes and my price match guarantee.  Truth is; my web-store is only 6 months old, though the numerous and exciting learning curves have stretched this time out so it seems more like a year and an about to burst stretch-armstrong half to me. Bottom line is more people have yet to discover my social media.  But I am sure they will and that you (and me) will be back surfing here - maybe from a year or so out there in the future.  "Hello out there in the future! It's great back here. How is it there?  :-)"  

Hmm.. imagination and something other than BOGOF offers.  I like to think I have the "fun personality" but like most of us I guess, I have to leave that face in a jar by the door when I leave the house for work.  Maybe I should bring the face with me and put it on when updating my, drum roll .. "social media".  Sounds like a great and enjoyable idea to me. Win win I'd say. If it doesnt work I - but I think and hope it will - i'll go back to only "wowing" you with special offers.  I do have more than you can shake the proverbial stick at.   Hmmm again... developing a fun personality sounds much more fun. More fun for me and more fun for you as well as you.

And a "fun online personality" can't be about putting on a clown suit and being like that awful office joker guy in the Fast Show, or like David Brent. (I can play guitar but have yet to embarras myself and my colleagues by pulling it out at a team meeting).  I just point them at Youtube - user name "HAFSTRAT" if you're interested.  Have I just been a little "David Brent"?

Maybe a little "fun personality restraint" might be in order too.

Hmm.. perhaps it's not so much about exercising restraint as excercising balance and treating my audience with the respect they deserve me thinks. "Me thinks".  Who says that?

More importantly, please let me know what you think.

Photo caption: Terry Wogan doing his wonderful Janet and John voiceover; "See OfficeThingy.  See OfficeThingy's eyes get wide. See him read the blog.  Watch his eyes pop as he realises he IS THE FUN PERSONALITY of Irongate Group.  See the £16M Turnover. Here OfficeThingy say S*** that's a big responsibility for a little round red fella .... and for me too."

A Fun Personality!

1 comment :

Anonymous said...

I think the little guy has personality blooming through him and drew me to socially stalking him. Though all your great products will be found and stand out by themselves. Enjoyed the more informative posts (tip ex advert and bic birthdays in recent days) as they show your knowledge within the industry without being too in your face on products or fun factor.

People like to feel informed, and when impressed with your knowledge of your industry will trust your brand/site much more.

Keep up the good work! A change is as good as a rest.

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