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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Are You Sitting Comfortably? Then I'll Begin.

OfficeThingy would like you to ask yourself 3 questions;

1 Do you get back or neck ache whilst you type or use a screen?
2 Do you ever have a sore arm or wrist when using your mouse?
3 Do you find yourself moving and adjusting to find a comfy position?

According to the latest statistics, around 7 in ever 10 people will suffer from pain at some point due to the way they work at their desks.  Back ache tops the leader board and is the number 2 reason (after colds and flu) for work absence.  Neck ache followed by sore wrists and arms are also issues that we all put up with on a daily basis.

So considering that many of us spend around 8 hours a day at a desk, how comfortable are your really?  If you answer YES to any of the questions above, there is every chance you are putting your health at risk - or at the very least wasting time trying to get yourself comfortable.

Don't Panic!

Professor Ergo is here to show you how to ...."Sit up to a smarter way of working".

There are some simple steps you (and your business) can take to ditch the bad habits and poor practice that leads to discomfort and chronic pain.  Fellowes' new Professor Ergo campaign aims to encourage businesses and employees to  assess their work spaces and help educate them on why ergonomic products are of a benefit and highlight what products are available.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to find out if the way you are working at your computer could lead to or is causing pain and discomfort is to take a simple workstation risk assessment.  Fellowes and Professor Ergo have developed an interactive assessment which is quick and free for everyone to use.

Simply take 5 minutes now to go to and take your free workspace health check.  You'll be given a personalised analysis of any risks and hot spots associated with your workspace as well as solutions and tips including recommended products,  There's also an option for you to forward to your HR manager or boss which means companies can send the link to their employees and then ask for the results to help in ordering products.

Click on for interactive videos, workspace assessment, down loadable posters, competitions and product sample offers. 

And here are a couple of our top selling Fellowes lines for you to check out: 

BB91926 - foam back support.  BB81215 - foot rest.  

BB810335 Promotional pack containing a black Crystal gel wrist support and Crystal gel mouse pad wrist support (BB52717 BB52718) plus a free Fellowes paper stand. While stocks last!

.... and here's a humorous caption for the above pic for any Pink Floyd fans out there, "Myyyyy ... bum, has become, comfortably numb."  And a link to a superb piece of guitar playing on the theme of numbness :-)

Fellowes products (see also their excellent shredders and storage boxes) are without doubt amongst the best in the world, but also stocks the value with quality Q-Connect brand as well as products from 3M and Acco.

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paultheuglydog said...

I think that lady looks really pretty slouching like that. I like to look up pictures of women slouching. Am I crazy?

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