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Friday, 8 April 2011

How To Choose The Right Cartridge For You

Step 1
Decide if you prefer to use an original - OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), a Compatible, or a Remanufactured product.

Manufactured by the company who made your machine. OEM's invest heavily in the R&D of their hardware and supplies to ensure professional quality printing every single time. They are designed to give optimum performance when used together.

Not manufactured by the OEM, but are designed to be compatible with your machine. Each cartridge is 100% new and is backed up with product guarantees.

When printer cartridges reach the end of their life, there is often an option for them to be recycled/remanufactured to give them a whole new lease of life. The cartridges undergo a rigorous remanufacturing process before being reffiled, tested and repackaged as a new brand. This process ensures that less waste materials are sent to landfill and produces and environmentally friendly products backed up with product guarantees.

Step 2
If you know the product code or manufacturer code of your cartridge, type it into the search bar on the home page. We have 21000 office supplies products and our search engine will quickly find the toner for you.

If you don't know the product code, use our 3 step Ink & Toner finder; select the machine manufacturer, the type of cartridge (e.g. toner or ink) and the model number of your machine. OfficeThingy will then display the consumables for your machine. You may refine the selection to look at any compatibles or remanufactured supplies that might be available for your machine.

Step 3
Add the items to your basket and save at

In your account you may save the toners you buy regularly for quick selection next time you shop, so you only have to go through the search process once.

Here's some more information you might find useful, lifted directly from Wikipedia.  


Compatible ink and toner (also called consumables) is manufactured by third party manufacturers and are designed to work in designated printers without infringing on patents of printer manufacturers. These toners may come in a variety of packaging including sealed plastic wraps or taped plastic wraps. Regardless of packaging, compatible products are generally priced lower than original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brand consumable products. While there has been considerable debate and litigation involving the ink and tonerpatents of printer manufacturers,[1] third party manufacturers continue to thrive. Manufacturers of compatible ink and toner products currently control about 25% the ink and toner market[2] well over $8 Billion annually.[3]


Compatible ink is manufactured for several types of machines including fax machineslaser printersinkjet printersmultifunction printers, and copiers. Aside from compatible products, three other sources of consumables are also available to supply these machines, including OEM brand ink and toner, remanufactured toner and ink cartridges, and refilled ink and toner cartridges. Compatible ink manufacturers differentiate their product by using all new parts, whereas other ink replacements recycle used OEM parts.[citation needed]


Part of the debate surrounding compatible consumables is about the quality of compatible products. Third part manufacturers[who?] defend the quality of their products vigorously.[citation needed] Independent testing on compatible ink show little or no difference in quality between compatible and OEM products.[4] However, many critics[who?] of compatible ink say the colors (especially yellow) on prints are not as bright as genuine ink, and that finished prints appear to be less glossy. Critics[who?] also say that color prints made with compatible ink are less durable than OEM ink and toners as well. One example given is that while Epson OEM ink can produce prints that last for 92 years, compatible ink prints generally fade more quickly.[5]

Some information explaining the "office machine consumables" available to you at OfficeThingy

Inkjet Cartridges
Are for use on inkjet printers, multi-function devices (typically printer, copier and scanner functionality in one machine) and some fax machines.  They contain liquid ink and are available in a variety of colours.  Depending   on the type of the printer the cartridges fit, there is usually one black and one tri-colour cartridge (combined Cyan, magenta and Yellow) or one Black and three single colour cartridges (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow).

However, because of the growth of photo printing a more sophisticated inkjet printer can take up to 8 different colour cartridges , with extra colours such as green and red as well as light version of the standard colours (light cyan, light magenta) that allow the printing of high quality photos with a higher degree of accuracy and a better quality finish.

Single cartridge packs, twin packs and multi packs are available as well as standard or high capacity inkjet cartridges to suit individual users and offer cost savings.

Toner Cartridges
Are for use on laser printers, photocopiers and some fax machines.  They contain powdered ink (toner) and depending on the type of printer the cartridges needed are usually a single black cartridge and three single colour cartridges (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow).

Although the more popular choice nowadays is a colour laser printer, there are also smaller mono (black only) laser printers available.

Single cartridge packs, twin packs and multi packs are available as well as standard or high capacity toner cartridges to suit individual users and offer cost savings.

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