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Thursday, 9 June 2011

How Effectively Do You Display Information

If you are in the market for a noticeboard for your home or office, you may have found that there's a huge selection to choose from, so where do you start?  How do you choose the one that best fits your individual requirements and budget?  Let OfficeThingy highlight with this short blog some of the things to consider when choosing a board.

So.  Why bother with a noticeboard?  Notice boards are a great way to display important information either at home or in the office.   The key considerations when choosing a noticeboard are size, frame, colour and material. Bi-office's wide range of boards includes aluminium, wood-effect and plastic frames or if you want something a little more contemporary, unframed boards can easily blend into the environment.  Then you need to choose the colour of the board to match your decor and also the surface you require; traditional felt, cork, ultra-modern black foam, or mesh fabric.

Felt Boards
Fire-retardant felt, with a wide choice of colours and frame options, aluminium being the most popular.

Cork Boards
Using the best natural fine grain Portuguese cork, being self healing can last for a lifetime.  Frame options are wood and aluminium.

Combination Boards
So you want the best of both worlds?  Choose a combination board to have the benefit of a dry wipe and noticeboard in one.  Great if you don't have much space for both.

Earth-It Boards
For an environmentally friendly, recyclable option, surface made of cork 94% post-consumer and post-industrial waste.

Fun with a felt board.

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