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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

How To Avoid Photo Copier Jams

Whether you've purchased or leased a photo copier, chances are you have one in your office / home office.  And chances are you've had a paper jam. In the event you do have a problem there are a few things to keep in mind before calling in a technician. Here are some tips on fixing those problems, preventing those problems, and getting the most from your copier.

1. Keep moisture out of your paper. Moisture can cause your paper to jam, so only open new ream when you intend to use it. If your machine doesn't take a whole ream reseal the package best you can until you need the rest.  

2. If you do get a paper jam, make sure you fix it completely. If you don't fix it properly and completely, chances are you're going to have another paper jam on your hands very soon.

3. Leave your copier on during the working day. In today's "green" world, most technology has a power-saving mode and when left alone for a certain period of time, the machine will power down into that mode. Warming the machine up is quicker when brought out of the energy-saving mode and the continuous warmth may be enough to save your paper from excess moisture.
 To save energy it's advisable too switch your machine off overnight.

4. Use the best paper you can afford.  This does n’t mean spending over the odds, but do be sure to avoid really cheap paper (e.g. 75 gsm) which might be more likely to jam.  OfficeThingy’s A4 80 gsm multi-function copier paper (product code A4COP2010) is guaranteed not to Jam and we have never had a customer return a single sheet. And officethingy's copier paper is better priced than the paper available from some other well known suppliers who claim to be "cheap". (Check the differences out).  

5. When you load paper, don't bend or tear the edges. If you do this, you're likely to get a jam.

6. Order multiple toner cartridges from at one time. You'll save money on shipping, as well as always having a spare around when you run out.
   And you can bet you’ll run out when you need it most.

7. Never use anything but your hands to remove a paper jam. Sharp objects can damage critical parts which can affect the quality of your copies and can turn out expensive to put right.
  And watch out for hot surfaces!

8. When you remove jammed paper, make sure you recover all the pieces, even the tiny fragments.

9. Try to keep at least one employee knowledgeable and up-to-date on your copier. Have him or her trained 
in operation and maintenance of the copier and let them deal with jams, change paper and toner. 

10. Only make one copy at a time until you've found the perfect settings. Paper and toner can be wasted if you assume you've put in the right settings but don't test by making just one copy of a document instead of the 100 or more you may want.


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Office Thingy said...

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