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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How To Thrive and Survive at Work

Would You Like to Shine and Boost your "Elvis factor?"

If you work in an office environment - and chances are if you are reading this you do - there's something in this little gem for everyone, from CEO to Apprentice.  The book is broken down into superb bite-sized chunks and is a must read for us all - whether you buy stationery, sell office products or find yourself stood by the photocopier faced with a paper jam like the rest of us.

When Bono goes into any organisation on his mission to eradicate Third World debt, he asks "Who's the Elvis around here?" It's a fabulous question.
The "Elvis" Bono is looking for is the person who stands out, breaks the rules, makes things happen, shines a bit more brightly (and loves every minute of it). This book is for all those who want to shine a little brighter in their workplace.
Most of us want something more from work. It may be a promotion, more money, better connections or even a more effortless life. Often the answer is not how to fit in, but how to stand out.
Chris Barez-Brown believes everyone can make their mark. In this inspirational business book he shows us how.
Shine is packed with lessons and tips, each offering a new twist on a basic human truth: including 'Build Allies', 'Flex Your Perspectives', 'Know What You Stand For', and 'Daydream'.

Available form all good book stores, published by Penguin.

Thank you very much.

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