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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

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I stumbled across this excellent Blog and magazine and since I feel it may enrich your experience I couldn't resist sharing it with you.  Register and enjoy.

Rather than simply tweet their url, the following is reproduced from the site but only for the purposes of  explanation and so that visitors to my blog in the future may benefit from the link.  Please visit the site to find out more and to subscribe. 

Olé is an office lifestyle blog and monthly magazine for busy people. Watch this space for must-read office and career advice, along with ideas for your lunch, competitions and funny stuff to make your nine-to-five go by quicker. Think about it as entertainment even your boss would love.
The best of our daily blog gets put into our monthly magazine, which you can subscribe to and receive straight to your email inbox, to make sure you’re the first in line for our promotions and prizes.
Our articles fall into three categories:
o    Notice Board posts are just like the ones on your office wall: funny news stories, hot topics for the water cooler, advice in the shape of reader letters and a caption competition
o    On the Job features everything you need to succeed in your career from office news to CV tips; buying office supplies to aspirational interviews with successful professionals
o    Lunch Break is to be enjoyed over a sandwich – featuring lunch ideas, office fashion, celebrity gossip, events for your calendar and gym class reviews.

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