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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Don't Buy Print if you care about the Environment!

Demand It!

Are you sickened by the waste associated with obsolescence and overprinting?

How about no more costly overruns. No more out-of-date materials. Just the marketing you need, quickly and efficiently.

Quite simply, print on demand gives organisations the flexibility to order their print as and when it’s needed, in the exact quantity required, thus negating the need to stock large volumes of print. 

Industry studies show an estimated 30% of printed material becomes outdated and ultimately gets thrown out. But the beauty of on-demand printing coupled with the powerful customisation features of our iCu MarketingResource Centre ensures your marketing messages; in brochures, flyers, corporate stationery and even point-of-sale materials; are always bang up to date and relevant.

The benefits for your business:
• Only order what you need, when you need it
• No need for excessive stocks
• Reduced print costs and storage charges
• No minimum order quantities
• No out-of-date collateral so no print waste
• Keep documents relevant
• Enables a quicker route to market and reaction to market conditions through fast    turnaround times (24-72 hours)
• Reduced production and less waste = lower carbon footprint

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