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Monday, 5 December 2011

One To One Marketing

Adding the WOW factor to communications

Long gone are the days of a one dimensional, blanket approach to communications. With variable data digital printing we can take one to one marketing and personalisation to new levels of sophistication, delivering increases in response rates by as much as 30% over generic content printing.

The premise of one to one marketing is simple: by making your marketing materials more relevant and custom-tailored to the requirements of your target audiences, you have a much better chance of capturing their attention and driving a response.

And personalised content goes beyond merely printing the recipient’s name on a document. It is possible to customise each and every communication piece with different text, graphics, fonts, and even charts and tables to capture attention. Using the data you have collected about your customers’ preferences and priorities, you can target individuals with the right message at the right time. As a result they are far more likely to remember you and your products and when designed effectively, variable data printing will result in a tangible increase in your response rates and return on investment.

Image Personalisation

Image personalisation can dramatically improve response rates to direct marketing by creating unique, personalised photographic images which instantly capture a recipient’s attention. Personalised images enable tailored messaging to be integrated within photography enabling the development of marketing materials that are both intriguing and personal. Working from either a library of images or from a custom application created out of any suitable photograph, your data is integrated to create communications with personalised images that cut through mass media.

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