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Friday, 13 January 2012

14 Reasons Why Social Media Happened

According to Jeff Bullas 

"In essence it was all to hard for average Joe to use these (social media) services in the past unless you were a “Geek” and also the other things to keep in mind was that the technology was not mature and was expensive.

So why has Social Media emerged as one of the dominating evolutions of the Web in the last 2-3 years and why have sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube become giants among the thousands of social media channels and platforms that have continued to evolve and proliferate?

Here are some of the factors that I believe have facilitated the emergence of social media and social networks in 2010 as a dominant internet web force.
  1. Fast Computer Processors(CPU’s)..computers were slow and couldn’t handle the fun stuff like images and videos that social networking demands until faster processors became available
  2. Cheaper CPU’s ( Expensive processors made computers expensive so only passionate computer users had computers)
  3. Cost effective broadband (Broadband used to be expensive so not many people had it at home so downloading images and video was slow)
  4. Fast Broadband (faster broadband opened new opportunities to spread multimedia content quickly and easily.. low friction)
  5. Wireless Broadband ( you can now send anything anytime and anywhere, including sending video and surfing from coffee shops while sipping your latte)
  6. Cheaper Hard disks (multimedia information that is now shared constantly on social media such as images and high definition video requires large disks for storage, so this is now cost effective for almost anyone)
  7. New hardware platforms that are intuitive and easy to use like iPhone and iPad
  8. Smaller Hard Disks with lots of storage provides mobile platforms like notebooks, netbooks and smartphones with the storage to share
  9. Cloud computing allowing software to be downloaded and updated online, anytime and anywhere inluding mobile social media apps (you used to have order CD’s toget your software)
  10. Easy to use Blog Platforms like WordPress and Typepad that have made blogging easy like falling off a log
  11. Open source software that has allowed passionate users to develop applications for free, download and use it straight away
  12. Entrepreneurs willing to invest in technology that enables social media and be willing to possibly fail and fail fast
  13. Google that has provided the website to find information that guides us to the tools and means to make it happen intuitively and easily
  14. Finally, we as social human beings just wanted it, because it was fun and struck a chord.. we like to socialize (online and offline)"
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