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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Data Security Breaches Threaten UK Businesses

How do you guarantee the safe destruction of all your confidential documents?

All companies have confidential information, whether it’s financial, employee, or customers records and the secure destruction of those records has never been more important. With data protection laws and legislation being increasingly stringent, your business could incur a large penalty for not adequately destroying or safeguarding your company data (fines can be as much as £500,000).

Reduce your shredding costs

Internal shredding can be non-productive and time consuming, when staff spend valuable time feeding documents into shredders. Plus, can you be sure that your staff are fully aware of the potential sensitivity of those documents, or data protection laws.

Why use Irongate’s shredding service?

e’s shredding solution saves you time and money, is completely hassle-free and guarantees your confidential waste is destroyed securely. As an existing customer of Irongate, our fleet of vans already visit your premises regularly, so placing this service with us does not increase our carbon footprint but it substantially reduces yours as there’s no need for ‘special journeys’ by other suppliers. Plus, it is invoiced through your normal credit account – one supplier, one invoice.
It’s So Simple…

Order a quantity of Bags ‘n’ Tags. Product code: SHREDBAG

Max capacity is 25kg per bag.

When bags are full, seal with the security tag and request a collection via our online ordering portal or by calling our customer service team on 01332 345950. Product code: SHREDCOLL.

Bags are collected next working day and a receipt is issued.

The bags are taken to our secure destruction site, shredded and recycled.

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