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Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Excessive Social Media Marketing Results in Backlash

I hope I don't fall foul of this ... though I am aware that maintaining an even flow of tweets, facebook and Blog posts can be a challenge.  
Something to reflect on.  

March 28, 2012 -- A recent social media advertising study, conducted by marketing research firm Relevation Research, finds that 52% of U.S. online consumers have liked, followed or subscribed to a company/brand or retailer via social networking or email. However, close to a third of these consumers later turn around and break off the social connection with these companies, brands, and stores.

 Reasons customers cite:
·         Excessive communications -- receiving too many posts, tweets, texts, or emails from companies/brands/retailers
·         Failure to deliver on a promise of deals
·         Failure to engage the consumer or offer value via marketing communications
·         Consumers lost interest in the topic or were never interested, yet signed up at a friend's request.

Once consumers stop following these companies on social media, they then view the brand more negatively, shop/visit a retailer less often and thus spend less. 

 The survey of 1,500 online U.S. consumers, age 16+, found that males were quicker to make the break than females and to regard the brand more negatively after the break.

“At present, marketers are too cavalier, and even abusive, with their approach to social media relationships because it’s a powerful tool which can pay off, but only if used thoughtfully,” Nan Martin, managing director at Relevation Research, said. “It’s that very thin line between courting and annoying. Right now, some brands are effectively drawing people in,  but then undermining their equity by what happens next with their social media activity.”

Source: TechZone360, Relevation Research Releases Social Media Advertising Study, March 28, 2012.

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