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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Prospect Contact Relationship Management Is a Waste of time

Ok so the headline was a cheap shot to pull you into this topic... 

And CRM's do have a place in any modern business, whether old fashioned call/record cards, diaries, excel sheets or electronic systems like SalesI, Sugar,  Goldmine etc ...

I bumped into an old Marketing Manger friend, I'll call him Tom,  recently who was moaning about sales people and their inability to update their prospecting CRM records.  How could he send his flyers to prospects if he didn't have the decision maker contact, and the vital email address?  For Tom the issue was compounded as his company delivers a range of services unlikely to be accessed by any single decision maker.  Tom needed multiple names and multiple email address per prospect organisation.

To better understand Tom's issue I asked 4 questions;
Q. What is your decision maker to buyer conversion %  A. 10%
Q. What is your prospect email open rate. A. 10%                  
Q. *How long does it take the sales guys to update their records  A. ?
Q. What positive influence do the opened emails 10% have on buying decisions?  Is it worth it?  Why not just recruit another sales guy I jokingly suggested. That went down like a Lead Zeppelin and Tom shuffled nervously. 

OK I suggested, so why not invest in training your sales guys to improve their conversions?

*No-one was measuring this and the assumption was that the sales guys weren't spending enough time "cleaning their data." which was as far as Tom was concerned  "always out-of date."  

"Cleaning their data."  Why would they need to clean it I asked,  Surely they'd simply update it on their call cycles.... no... its takes them to long ... they make notes and are supposed to update later. And another issue for Tom;  how could the Sales Manager trust his sales guys without proof that calls/visits had been made and CRM had been updated?

I didn't have the answers so I suggested Tom went away and thought about some additional considerations:

A 10% conversion means that 90% of the time spent typing on the CRM would always end up as wasted time.  A motivator? No. Not much of an incentive for sales guys to spend time on lap-tops typing when an old fashioned piece of RAM - a diary - could pretty much do the same job, and faster too. Maybe they'd prefer to spend the time trying to talk to prospects instead?

At the end of Tom's day perhaps its all a question of ROI and considering the CRM in the context of the bigger picture. The conversation made me think. Its amazing what customer/prospect data we think we have, what value we attach to it and what the real ROI on this marketing support actually is.  

Yes absolutely we need prospect CRM data that is fit for purpose, but looking for CRM perfection is perhaps like searching for the holy grail.  Don't go there.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

2D Barcode Scanning Up Nearly 200% From Last Year

May 16, 2012 -- According to ScanLife's latest Mobile Barcode Trend Report, Q1 2012 saw over 5 million unique QR code users, a near 200% increase from a year ago, and a million more than Q4 2011. 

Scanlife, a global provider of mobile barcode solutions,  analyzes data and processes traffic from over 5 million ScanLife users and thousands of unique QR Code campaigns from around the world.

Key findings
·  Total QR code scans continue to climb -- there were 13 million scans processed in Q1 2012 alone, a 157% increase from more than a year ago.

Source: Scanlife, May 2012

· The most popular QR Code marketing campaigns are delivering video, app downloads and product details.

·   For the first time, Quick-service Restaurants (QSR) made its debut in the "top five" industries using QR codes to offer consumers promotions, deals, and more.

·  Use of the iPhone OS grew 6% from Q4 2011 and now drives traffic about equal to Android OS. The iPhone and Android deliver 93% of the total 2D barcode traffic.

·   The gender using QR codes continues to skew male (68% male, 32% female), however there has been an 8% shift in the female audience compared to Q1 2011. 

·  The 25-34 demographic continues to make up the largest portion of users (35%), followed by 35-44 (20%), 18-24 (16%), 45-54(12%), 55+ (9%) and under 18 (8%).

About: ScanLife analyzed data from the ScanLife Reporting Platform, which represents a broad look at the entire market, for this report. The 2D barcodes may have been generated on the ScanLife Platform, or from 3rd party generators. The 2D barcode scanning traffic may come from either the ScanLife app or 3rd party apps.

Source:  Marketing Charts, Consumer QR Code Scans Up 157%, May 18, 2012 and ScanBuy, ScanLife Trend Report Shows Mobile Barcode Scans Surpassed 13 Million in Q1
May 16, 2012.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Why Social And Traditional Media Marketers Should Stop Bitching

Another share for Marketing Managers. I have never before on consecutive days re-posted from some-one-elses blog.

Regular readers will know I enjoy breaking the rules now an again, which enables me to share this piece of brilliance with you.  As an ex Marketing Manger, If I could have put it better myself I would, but hey, I could n't. Click here to see his blog and the original post in all its glory.

The following was Written by Jeff Bullas - 

Social media is not the only marketing game in town despite a lot of social media mavens drinking the cool aid and touting it as leading advertising to the promotional promised land.

Traditional marketers think that social and new media is an over hyped fad that will eventually go away and is something to be quietly ignored like a noisy teenager.

The fact is the truth lies in the middle and both have their strengths and weaknesses and need to be blended and integrated into a marketing mix that has trust, leverage and longevity.

The Challenge For Social Media
The challenge for social media is that it is difficult to scale quickly unless you are lucky enough to get a YouTube video to go viral or a Tweet to turn into a tornado, if that happens it is quite often for all the wrong reasons, such as the bad PR United Airlines received for breaking Dave Carroll’s guitar which currently has  nearly 10 million YouTube views.

Organic free social media marketing can take months and sometimes years to scale as people fan your company on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and subscribe to your corporate blog.
Sure you can accelerate your social media marketing with paid banners on Facebook, hyper-linked to a landing page or run sponsored Tweets on Twitter but it cannot compare to an ad on the Oprah Winfrey show appearing in front of 48 million viewers in a 1 hour spot or a Super Bowl advertisement that goes to almost every house in the land on one afternoon in February.

Why Traditional Marketing Works
Traditional advertising such as TV can produce large scale results quickly and for that advantage it can charge big dollars. The challenge though is once the ads are run on television they are gone and need to be paid for again for people to view them.

The Advantages Of Social Media Marketing
“Social” and “New” media’s advantages over traditional marketing lie in several areas
1.       Permanency – it’s on the web for ever archived on servers, websites and blogs for eternity. As they say “what happens in Vegas stays on Facebook.. YouTube or Twitter!!”
2.       Trust – social media because it is typically shared by friends can generate trust levels of  70% or more whereas paid mass advertising is around the 15% level.
3.       Engagement – people can respond and interact via a Tweet, Facebook update or a blog comment and that is a heavy hitter in terms of memory retention and impact. People remember much more by doing rather than just viewing passively.
4.       Ongoing leverage – it can be continued to be shared long after it has been published and take on a life of its own.
The Old Spice campaign “The Man Your Man Should Smell Like” would not have became a phenomenon it did if it was only on TV but ensuring that it was available on YouTube was a simple stroke of genius as it continues to spread its message long after the TV campaign was run with over 28 million views 11 months later for just one of the videos in the series. The “Evian Roller Babies” campaign is still on YouTube with 33 million views.

The Principles Of Good Marketing
The principles of good marketing such as a great headline have not gone away with some of  the key elements of marketing that are eternal such as being
·         Memorable
·         Entertaining
·         Creative
·         Emotional
·         Leveraged
·         Trusted

are still required for marketing success and that is never going to disappear. It is just that media channels that deliver those messages and will continue to evolve and change as the web weaves itself further into our economy and lives.

How To Integrate Social And Traditional Marketing
Integration of the traditional media with the new social media requires a fresh and uninhibited way of thinking and the challenging of the old paradigms.
If you are running a seminar, record it and put it on YouTube. When you send out your email marketing newsletter link it to your blog, website or a landing page with a call to action and make it easy for it to be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

So its time for the lovers to stop fighting because they deserve to be together. It just working out the terms of the relationship and how they integrate their lives so both can bring something to the table and live in synergistic successful bliss.

How do you think that traditional marketing should be integrated with social and new media? What are your experiences?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Workstation Risk Assessments

Professor Ergo is a leading worldwide authority on workstation  ergonomics. He's totally committed to changing workstation lifestyle to avoid the potential pain and injuries caused through poor posture while working at your computer, laptop or tablet.

Press Area

Monday, 14 May 2012

Meet Professor Ergo | Get advice on Ergonomics in the workplace - Fellowes

Meet Professor Ergo | Get advice on Ergonomics in the workplace - Fellowes

Get your hands on the Green Offices for Dummies Guide
You can get your hands on an exclusive limited edition Green Offices for Dummies Guide. The most accessible, bite-sized practical guide to making a difference has been published exclusively for Green Office Week.

It's packed full of practical hints, tips and case studies with input from a leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Expert who advises businesses across Europe with their CSR.

The guide includes:-
·         Giving Your Office the Green Light 
Head here for a quick introduction about why companies decide to go green and some staggering stats that encourage them to do so.

·         Going Green in Your Office 
You can discover all the practical steps you can take to become more environmentally friendly at work.

·         Finding Out More 
This section includes the ten best places to look for more inspiring advice about going green.

What are Dummies Guides?
Dummies: the essential survival guide for those mystified or overwhelmed by a new topic.

For Dummies has over 150 million books in print, covering over 1,300 topics, and is the world's bestselling reference series. These are translated into 39 different languages, distributed in over 100 countries, including UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy. 1 in 5 adults in the UK are For Dummies readers.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Social Media NOISE

Some Twitter Twittery and the odd Facebook Foolishness


On my lunch break at Thornton College near Milton Keynes. Lovely old building and beautiful grounds but sadly it's raining!

I'm at Lion Wood (Norwich, Norfolk)

A group of owls is called a parliament. However they are typically solitary birds.

Searched to find something written by someone else to post .. Grasshopper .. but why?

A dream is a budding vision, passion is the motor, but a business requires focus to transform a dream into reality.

Facebook is for sharing with “friends” –  Do you not get it?

Dear new parents, you're child is about 22% as cute as you think they are. Stop sharing so many photos on Facebook...

Stop cluttering up my Facebook Timeline with Videos and stuff.   Done - I un- friended  this one. Simples.

Women’s group pushes the envelope for the female of the species with:

"It's all about getting up one more time than you fall down" 

Not a Twit – I like ones like this exposing some horror,  no wonder we’re in double-dip land:

Newly-appointed bank branch managers told they should have all the answers and not to ask team for thoughts / suggestions

Doesn’t really get it.

Who gave you permissions to join this (Twitter) conversation?

Friday, 4 May 2012

I am a Networker - Klout says so!

I discovered Klout by accident a while back.  Peerindex too. It doesn't drive my social media activity - I do it anyway - and I only look at Klout now and again.  

Does a Klout score actually mean anything to you?  Let me know with a comment.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Common mistakes when carrying out an office refit

Common mistakes when carrying out an office refit

Curious - Do You Blog for Business or Fun?

An interesting question posed to me via twitter.  My immediate answer is that I blog for business but try to make it fun for readers.  Perhaps a few more than 140 characters are called for by way of elaboration.

Why do I blog?
I enjoy blogging but thats not why I do it.
To share views, information, opinions and ideas.
To enrich my company's offering.
To learn - to seek out other blogs and sources and take comments and feedback on-board.

To drive some traffic to my organisations web-sites and score a few brownie points with the Google search alogrithms.

What do I blog
It could be a link to another blog, an extract from another blog, a guest post, my own babblings ... or now and again a subtle or even blatant plug for my business. Look back at the Jimminy Cricket Blog
My business offering has diversified considerably over the last 35 years. My Blog is only a year or so old. Look back and you might find something of interest. 

To the people who stop, read, comment or choose to link across to one of my web-sites = yes. 

Social Media Mix
The Blog isnt a stand-alone bolt-on. Its just one component in the gears of our marketing mix. I also use Facebook which is great when I need more than 140 characters and want to show off pictures. I have 17,000 twitter followers and regularly tweet and RT all sorts of stuff including customers tweets and now and again our respected competitor tweets too. We have a YouTube channel and I have a Linkedin profile - which is less about me and more about my employer's business  - and the social media channels are linked in various ways to make sharing easier. I use a couple of tools to make managing all this a breeze.

It's a modest little Blog so if you have something you would like to share please let me have a guest post.  I love to post original content which I believe is more intimate, and better than simply reproducing someone else's Blog (which I will do now and again) which Google's algorithms frown on.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What Your Business Can Learn About Marketing from Hollywood Studios

Some say marketing is an art. Others claim it’s a well-defined science which follows convention and logic. I believe it’s a combination of both and it all depends on how/ where you apply it. As a veteran marketer, I come across thousands of marketing campaigns every day. While some seem to be run of the mill stuff, there are others that stand out and leave an everlasting impact on me.
A case in point is Hollywood Studios, one of the world’s most successful cinema production houses. I’ve always been amazed at how they manage to churn out one blockbuster after the other. Is it just by virtue of their movies – the cast, the plot, the crew or an amalgamation of those factors? Or is it their tireless public relations (PR) regime that works round the clock to put everything together? Or perhaps, it’s a combination of all of those factors?
In this post, I present valuable tips on what your business can learn about marketing from Hollywood Studios.
I love the innovative marketing strategies that Hollywood Studios incorporates for their new releases. And the best part – just when you think it’s going to be the good old strategy, they’ll surprise you with a new road show, a blind date Facebook contest, a Twitter promo or some other social media contest.
Hollywood Studios is a champion in the PR game. They know how to reach out to the right people and how to get value out of them for their films. Whether it’s the audience, the press, the critics, their PR regime addresses all key stakeholders with amazing effectiveness.
Many production houses start promoting a movie when it’s nearing release. With Hollywood Studios, it’s a different ball game. In many cases, they start creating a buzz the moment a script is finalized or the first shot has been taken. In most cases, by the time a movie with big names is about to be released, there’s already a sense of anticipating among the audience.
Hollywood Studios knows how to sell. Period. Whether it’s to cinemas, online or to others in the video/ cable business, Hollywood Studios seem to be able do it all with ease. Their success mantra – build an awesome sales network and then produce some fantastic movies which their sales network can toast upon.
Hollywood Studios knows how to get maximum showbiz value from their movie stars. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or other social networks, you’ll often find movie stars connecting with audiences and spreading the word on their movies. Showbiz has a viral marketing effect and nobody knows that game better than Hollywood Studios.
What do you think of the marketing strategies adopted by Hollywood Studios? Please have your say by leaving a comment.

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who Loves Technology

No-one ever listens to me, and I have no marketing qualifications, background and precious little experience

Actually people do listen to me regularly, I listen back, I do have a marketing qualification, background and a fair bit of experience.  However, I am not an entrepreneur, guru, ninja or expert ...

I recently had a brief Twitter exchange in which I respectfully and with plenty of :-)'s challenged a claim that a) everyone can be an entrepreneur and b) to be an entrepreneur all you need is a dream.  The Tweeter said that if she could become an entrepreneur "anyone" could.   I replied with "Don't sell yourself short".  The reply came back "You don't know me... etc"  True, so I followed a link and checked the Tweeters latest Blog to find out a little more. The tweeter notes:

No-one ever listens to me, and I have no marketing qualifications, background and precious little experience.. 

So I tweeted this straight back verbatim  ...  hoping that my interest in finding out more wouldn't go noticed.  Guess what the Tweeter amusingly tweeted back,

"Neither do I".

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