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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Curious - Do You Blog for Business or Fun?

An interesting question posed to me via twitter.  My immediate answer is that I blog for business but try to make it fun for readers.  Perhaps a few more than 140 characters are called for by way of elaboration.

Why do I blog?
I enjoy blogging but thats not why I do it.
To share views, information, opinions and ideas.
To enrich my company's offering.
To learn - to seek out other blogs and sources and take comments and feedback on-board.

To drive some traffic to my organisations web-sites and score a few brownie points with the Google search alogrithms.

What do I blog
It could be a link to another blog, an extract from another blog, a guest post, my own babblings ... or now and again a subtle or even blatant plug for my business. Look back at the Jimminy Cricket Blog
My business offering has diversified considerably over the last 35 years. My Blog is only a year or so old. Look back and you might find something of interest. 

To the people who stop, read, comment or choose to link across to one of my web-sites = yes. 

Social Media Mix
The Blog isnt a stand-alone bolt-on. Its just one component in the gears of our marketing mix. I also use Facebook which is great when I need more than 140 characters and want to show off pictures. I have 17,000 twitter followers and regularly tweet and RT all sorts of stuff including customers tweets and now and again our respected competitor tweets too. We have a YouTube channel and I have a Linkedin profile - which is less about me and more about my employer's business  - and the social media channels are linked in various ways to make sharing easier. I use a couple of tools to make managing all this a breeze.

It's a modest little Blog so if you have something you would like to share please let me have a guest post.  I love to post original content which I believe is more intimate, and better than simply reproducing someone else's Blog (which I will do now and again) which Google's algorithms frown on.

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