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Thursday, 10 May 2012

Social Media NOISE

Some Twitter Twittery and the odd Facebook Foolishness


On my lunch break at Thornton College near Milton Keynes. Lovely old building and beautiful grounds but sadly it's raining!

I'm at Lion Wood (Norwich, Norfolk)

A group of owls is called a parliament. However they are typically solitary birds.

Searched to find something written by someone else to post .. Grasshopper .. but why?

A dream is a budding vision, passion is the motor, but a business requires focus to transform a dream into reality.

Facebook is for sharing with “friends” –  Do you not get it?

Dear new parents, you're child is about 22% as cute as you think they are. Stop sharing so many photos on Facebook...

Stop cluttering up my Facebook Timeline with Videos and stuff.   Done - I un- friended  this one. Simples.

Women’s group pushes the envelope for the female of the species with:

"It's all about getting up one more time than you fall down" 

Not a Twit – I like ones like this exposing some horror,  no wonder we’re in double-dip land:

Newly-appointed bank branch managers told they should have all the answers and not to ask team for thoughts / suggestions

Doesn’t really get it.

Who gave you permissions to join this (Twitter) conversation?

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