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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Social Proof Matters

10 Types of Social Proof to Turbo Charge Your Blog, Business and Brand
Written by Jeff Bullas 

So you are in a new city, town or village and you are looking for somewhere to eat. You have walked past empty cafes and others that are busy and almost bursting at the seams with noisy diners.

Which one do you eat at?
You are browsing at a book store and you pick up a book with a catchy title and you check the flyer and you see the words “best seller” and more than 1 million copies sold! You also notice that it has been endorsed by other well known authors or celebrities.
Are you now more temped to buy it?
As you browse and search the web you find some blogs on the topic area of choice, one has no evidence of  how many readers subscribe or share but the other has retweet buttons with hundreds of tweets and dozens of Facebook shares.
Which blog is bookmarked first?

Why Social Proof  Matters
The reality is that most people are followers and providing social proof of popularity as provided by others can make people stop, engage and buy.
Social proof can make people comment on or “Like” your Facebook page. This again adds more social proof and encourages others to become engaged.
Newspapers include how many of its papers are read every day. Magazines list their subscriber count.
Why do they do that? …because it provides social proof and it draws in more readers and it sells more newspapers and magazines.
Movies that have won Oscars shout it out in their advertising and posters.

10 Types of Social Proof
So how do you incorporate social proof into your blog? Consider placing widgets and banners in your blog.
This includes:
1.       Facebook Shares
2.       Numbers of Blog or RSS subscribers
3.       Facebook Likes or Fans
4.       Number of ReTweets
5.       Quantity of Email Subscribers
6.       Awards or Rankings
7.       Total of LinkedIn Shares
8.       The Number of Google +1′s
9.       The Number of Page views per Month
10.   Twitter Follower Count
Remember numbers are persuasive and providing social proof and validating  your credentials publicly will help take your blog to the next level.
Has this worked for you? 

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Irongate Group - I used to Blog as OfficeThingy said...

Irongate Group has a number of Fecebook business pages and Twitter accounts. Each represents a different product/service category: Irongate Group, Irongate Digital, OfficeThingy and PromoThingy. Facebook is linked to Twitter and Linkedin, and the Blog is linked to Facebook enabling quick sharing across channels. We have 17,000 Twitter followers and have had almost 37,000 Blog page views. We keep an eye on our Peerindex and Klout scores to check our relative "proof". Traffic arriving at our web sites is further evidence of the merits of social media. Still not as much 121 engagement as we expected though. Maybe that's not the real point?

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