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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What Your Business Can Learn About Marketing from Hollywood Studios

Some say marketing is an art. Others claim it’s a well-defined science which follows convention and logic. I believe it’s a combination of both and it all depends on how/ where you apply it. As a veteran marketer, I come across thousands of marketing campaigns every day. While some seem to be run of the mill stuff, there are others that stand out and leave an everlasting impact on me.
A case in point is Hollywood Studios, one of the world’s most successful cinema production houses. I’ve always been amazed at how they manage to churn out one blockbuster after the other. Is it just by virtue of their movies – the cast, the plot, the crew or an amalgamation of those factors? Or is it their tireless public relations (PR) regime that works round the clock to put everything together? Or perhaps, it’s a combination of all of those factors?
In this post, I present valuable tips on what your business can learn about marketing from Hollywood Studios.
I love the innovative marketing strategies that Hollywood Studios incorporates for their new releases. And the best part – just when you think it’s going to be the good old strategy, they’ll surprise you with a new road show, a blind date Facebook contest, a Twitter promo or some other social media contest.
Hollywood Studios is a champion in the PR game. They know how to reach out to the right people and how to get value out of them for their films. Whether it’s the audience, the press, the critics, their PR regime addresses all key stakeholders with amazing effectiveness.
Many production houses start promoting a movie when it’s nearing release. With Hollywood Studios, it’s a different ball game. In many cases, they start creating a buzz the moment a script is finalized or the first shot has been taken. In most cases, by the time a movie with big names is about to be released, there’s already a sense of anticipating among the audience.
Hollywood Studios knows how to sell. Period. Whether it’s to cinemas, online or to others in the video/ cable business, Hollywood Studios seem to be able do it all with ease. Their success mantra – build an awesome sales network and then produce some fantastic movies which their sales network can toast upon.
Hollywood Studios knows how to get maximum showbiz value from their movie stars. Whether it’s Twitter, Facebook or other social networks, you’ll often find movie stars connecting with audiences and spreading the word on their movies. Showbiz has a viral marketing effect and nobody knows that game better than Hollywood Studios.
What do you think of the marketing strategies adopted by Hollywood Studios? Please have your say by leaving a comment.

Douglas Idugboe, Digital and New Media Marketing Strategist. Founder and Chief Editor of Smedio! A Canadian Bestselling Author, Marketing Strategist, Speaker and Trainer, Who Loves Technology

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