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Monday, 2 July 2012

Working flexibly and working on the go

Flexible working doesn’t just stop at the hours you work, but also covers the many locations you’ll encounter during your working week. You could be at your desk one day, then working on a train or in a hotel the day after. Ever improving technology enables us to work wherever we like, whenever we like.
Business today is all about work on the go – and work goes with us. But with these new ways of flexible working come new challenges for us to stay comfortable, be productive and keep healthy. This need has prompted Professor Ergo to introduce a special range of carefully selected ergonomic products for today’s new wave of flexible working habits.
From his brand new research the Professor has highlighted four key working environments that need his assistance:

Which do you fall under?


Your Own Personal Desk

On average, we’re spending 7 hours a day in front of a computer screen
A proven range of ergonomic products that will keep you comfortable, productive, motivated and healthy in today’s office environments.

Home Working

25% of all Europeans now work from home
Where space saving and flexibility are of the essence, these ergonomic products not only look good but perform superbly around the home and in your home office environment.

Multi-Location Working

Being on the move and working in multiple locations can be a real strain
The best ergonomic products for people on the move: lightweight, portable, easy to assemble and convenient to use in a wide range of locations.
Keep these essential products with you - wherever you go!

Hot Desk / Shared Desk Working

Not having a fixed desk or having to share doesn’t mean you should neglect your health or hinder your productivity.
These innovative products are functional, sturdy, adaptable and easy to maintain for multiple users in a professional environment.
Make sure your company is meeting your needs with the following essentials:
·         Health V Crystal keyboard and wrist supports (9373003)
·         Pro Mesh Support (8029901)
·         Microban Foot Support (8035001)
·         Professional Series Laptop Workstation (8024602)
·         Compact TFT/LCD Monitor Riser (91450)

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