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Friday, 22 June 2012

Bloggers Need to Break Rules

We make "the rules" anyway, and hey, rules should be broken ....  no-one wants to read endless chl  ,.;'a k q 8 ;x.... op = la.3 56abn  la ...

It's Hip to be Square: QR Code Use Soars

(A post for QR code doubters)

June 2012 -- According to Multichannel Merchant Outlook 2012-2013, the number of merchants using QR codes as part of their marketing strategy has more than quadrupled to nearly half (47%), compared to last year when just 8% of sellers reported employing them.

The survey, released in June 2012, shows that a fair number of merchants (38%) are not using QR codes, and a further 15% aren’t yet using QR codes but are considering doing so.
Source: Multichannel Merchant Outlook 20.12.2013

The annual survey also examines how sellers are using QR codes for consumers to scan with their mobile devices, such as smartphones.

It finds that 63.2% of respondents are using them in print catalogs (up 28.2% from last year), 47.4% feature them on postcards and other non-catalog mail pieces (up 12.4%), and two in five merchants (40.4%) are using them as part of their marketing collateral (signs, bags, etc.).
Source: Multichannel Merchant Outlook 2012-2013

About: An online survey was fielded by Multichannel Merchant April 19-May 21, 2012. Subsequent mailings were sent to Multichan­nel Merchant’s subscriber list, as well as to those of sister publications Chief Marketer and DIRECT. Emails were also sent to members of Multichannel Merchant’s two LinkedIn groups, and tweeted. When the survey closed there were 952 respondents. Of those, 654 (69%) indicated that their company was an online merchant, retailer, manufacturer, publisher/media or a wholesale distributor. Those active respondents form the basis of the survey results.

Source: Multichannel Merchant, Multichannel Merchant Outlook 2012-2013, June 2012.

Learn more about QR Codes Here

Monday, 11 June 2012

What does your Corporate Identity say about your organisation?

And how does it differentiate you from your competition?

In Corporate Communications, a corporate identity is the "persona" of a corporation which is designed to accord with and facilitate the attainment of business objectives. It is usually visibly manifested by way of branding and the use of trademarks.
Corporate identity comes into being when there is a common ownership of an organizational philosophy that is manifest in a distinct corporate culture — the corporate personality. At its most profound, the public feel that they have ownership of the philosophy. Often referred to as organizational identity, corporate identity helps organizations to answer questions like “who are we?” and “where are we going?” Corporate identity also allows consumers to denote their sense of belonging with particular human aggregates or groups.
In general, this amounts to a corporate title, logo (logotype and/or logogram), and supporting devices commonly assembled within a set of guidelines. These guidelines govern how the identity is applied and confirm approved colour palettes, typefaces, page layouts and other such methods of maintaining visual continuity and brand recognition across all physical manifestations of the brand. These guidelines are usually formulated into a package of tools called corporate identity manuals.
Many companies, such as McDonald's and Electronic Arts, have their own identity that runs through all of their products and merchandise. The trademark "M" logo and the yellow and red appears consistently throughout the McDonald's packaging and advertisements. Many companies pay large amounts of money for the research, design and execution involved in creating an identity that is extremely distinguishable and appealing to the company's target audience.

What does this corporate style say about this company?

And this one is me

Friday, 1 June 2012

Don't Read This Blog on Office Furniture

That might be, tomorrow, next month or even next year!  This blog post will be waiting here for you.

The Irongate Group is a specialist in the supply and installation of office furniture and interiors. 

Whether you are looking to replace one desk and chair or looking to refurbish your office or relocate, we can help with any size of project. We offer a variety of services ranging from space planning, advice on interior design, floor plans and 3D plans. We’ll order the furniture, install it and get the layout just right. It’s up to you how much of this total service you choose.

We offer a full range of furnitureproducts to suit all environments and businesses – from budget ranges right through to top end bespoke made furniture. Much of our furniture is designed and manufactured in the UK and unique to Irongate in the East Midlands.

Ensuring that your workspace is well-designed and furnished can really pay dividends and bring out the very best in your organisation.

Organisations are increasingly seeing the value of examining how their teams and departments interact with each other. Simple changes to the floor plan and positioning can improve work processes allowing for better collaboration and communication. This in turn can generate increased staff motivation, morale and productivity. What’s more, many organisations see a good quality working environment as a key ingredient in attracting and retaining talented staff and managers.

But good design goes beyond the choice of desks and layout. Your working environment should also reflect your company identity. Whether you are inviting customers, prospective clients or suppliers to your business premises, the way your office looks is important in creating the right impression.

Clever space planning could free up space you never knew existed. We use CAD based space planning to produce floor plans, 3D visuals and walkthroughs which will help you to visualise your new space and see what it will look like off the page. It’s a great way to get your people excited, and to flag any issues you might otherwise miss.

Interior Design can turn an average office environment into a stylish place to work. It can inject new life and energy into your employees, as well as your brand. We’ll assist you to decide on colour schemes and finishes and our interior specialists are only too willing to help you in your choice of soft furnishings. They can provide samples and mood boards to give you fresh ideas. Choose from a wide choice of finishes and materials including laminate, glass or veneer as well as a variety of leg styles and upgrade options.

Our fit out service covers everything you need to get your new space up and running. We’ll assign you your own dedicated project manager, to oversee every detail and we’ll deliver using our own vehicles and our own team of installers who will assemble the furniture on site and then take away all of the packaging for recycling.
·         Construction and partitioning
·         Lighting
·         IT and telecoms installation
·         Air conditioning, heating and ventilation design and installation
·         Electrical and cabling
·         Health and Safety
·         Environmental Compliance

Create the perfect office environment using Irongate’s furniture leasing service. Written quotations and examples are available on request. Simply contact us and tell us what furniture or equipment you are thinking of acquiring and we will find a solution to fit your budget.
·         No capital outlay
·         Fixed payments
·         Tax efficient
·         Easy to budget
We’ll source the right furniture to fit your business and budget. Our range is carefully selected to combine design excellence with functional performance and value for money and includes desks, seating, boardroom, conference, reception, bistro, breakout areas, storage and screens. We can even create bespoke furniture exclusively for you and your space.

Our expertise does n’t stop at ordering the furniture either, we’ll install it, and get the layout just right. Then we complete your look with all the finishing touches. People can easily forget about all the little things such as office plants, pictures, desktop accessories, notice boards and signage.
·         Seating
·         Desks
·         Executive
·         Reception
·         Boardroom
·         Conference & Meeting
·         Bistro
·         Storage
·         Screens
·         Office Environment

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