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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

What Does ICU Stand for?

Intensive Care Unit
Imperial College Union
International Components for Unicode
International Christian University
Irish Chess Union
Industrial Credit Union
International Cheer Union
I see you

Yes, yes, yes. Yes. yes, yes. Yes. and No

Imagine being able to order your print online at times convenient to you and your business, all at the touch of a button…
iCu is our web to print system that makes life easier for you. It allows you to manage your print in a more efficient and cost-effective way providing full transparency, reporting and control. The innovative technology not only lets you  purchase printed products online but also amend, edit and proof documents, control print budgets, issue user/departmental access and manage product stock levels. This removes the lengthy time consuming steps usually associated with print procurement, reduces costs and gives you complete control of your marketing communications and corporate assets.

Print costs often only represent twenty per cent of the total cost of running a campaign. The rest can be taken up with postage, transport, warehousing, wastage, administration – the list goes on. But our web to print solution, iCu will revolutionise the way you manage your marketing campaigns and print procurement in the future, by offering huge improvements in operational efficiencies, saving time, money and hassle.

Contact us today for a live online demonstration on how iCu can revolutionise your print procurement.
Image is for illustration only - best I could find to represent the idea (image is from Avery - please click here for Avery)

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