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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Peerindex, Klout and Kred Scores Mean Nothing

To some, not us though because ... 

... Officethingy values social and loves to share, so we are pleased to have earned a score that puts us, according to PeerIndex, in the top 1%.  Not bad eh?  But what, in the social media world, could we do better? Please let us know.

Officethingy is Irongate Group's (Peerindex score of 57) humble office supplies web-store.  Our original goal with social media was to explore and share.  Job done, award won, and job ongoing. You can also find Irongate here - its a relatively new board but we like where it takes us! Recommended.

We use Pinterest to discover and share. How about you? 

If we can score 60 - you can too if you engage.  And we did it in house with zero cost, other than a little experimentation, time and INTERACTION (sorry for shouting).  Oh yes and thanks to these people who gave great advice in the early days: ebusiness club.  

Now to get Irongate Group from PeerIndex 57 to PeerIndex 60 .... 

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