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Monday, 10 December 2012

Content is King NOT Social Media


Ask Irongate said...

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Anonymous said...

What makes for great content?

Great content is about creating quality content first and foremost. It can be unique, it can be exciting, it can be amusing, it can even be controversial, but it cannot be (yawn) . . . boring. You can bring your ideas and information to life with dynamic graphics (or infographics), podcasts and video – whatever media helps you define and express your content to its fullest potential.

Research by McKinsey Quarterly revealed that half of all online purchasing decisions were driven by word of mouth recommendations, with 60 per cent of respondents stating that their perception of a company or brand was improved by reading content provided by that company’s blog or website. Increasing trust equates to minimising risk – something that’s imperative to every consumer.

Anonymous said...

At its heart, content marketing is providing interesting, thought-provoking and useful content to your website visitors and social media followers in order to further your relationships with them.

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