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Friday, 20 December 2013

Irongate Group's Christmas Jumper Day

Today we are having a Christmas outfit / jumper day to raise funds for our designated charity - Rainbows, a hospice for children and young people with life limited illnesses serving the East Midlands.

l-r Adam Noble MD, Laura Waller, Dave Shaw, Karen Stuart, Holly Robinson 

Steve Squires, Lynda Gregory, Gemma Killer, DJ Baz Pearne, Austin Coyne, Ian Mellin, Chris Valentine 

Beth-Aimee Wilson-Watts, Zach Arthur Wilson, Sarah Wilson (HR Director), Gaz Goodridge, Mark Williams, Donna Scrabacz, Cat Lambert 

Andy Whyatt, Ann Perry

Ryan Cummings, Sadie Arscott, Karen Milne

Kirsty Hadfield, Christmas Tree 

Mandy Palmer, Sarah Meakins, Emma Wright, Konrad Nowacki, Jenna Brightwell, Bernard Gillespie, Christina Lee attempting but failing to dodge the camera 

Nick Wheeler, Howard Forton, Nathan Gration

Merry Christmas!  

Monday, 9 December 2013

A Puppy is for life, not just for Christmas

and so is branded merchandise ...

Promotional products or business gifts are a great way of keeping your brand front of mind for both prospective and existing customers. Whether you want to promote your company, a product, a service or an event, they act as a powerful advertising tool that generates interest. And after all, everyone loves a freebie!

Whether you’re searching for sophisticated corporate gifts,seeking to add a bit of class to your advertising campaign or simply looking for the novelty effect, Irongate has the answers. Our resident promotional products expert, Sam Johnson has a wealth of experience in this field and has been providing quality and cost efficient solutions for our clients for years. To find the right products for your marketing needs just give Sam a ring on 01332 614607 or email her at

Alternatively, you might like to visit our dedicated website where you can browse and get a few ideas about some of the products available. If this is not an area on the horizon at the moment, you may just like to request one of our catalogues.

Monday, 2 December 2013

December is Awful

No it isn't!

December is a busy month and who doesn't love  Christmas? 

True, we'd love to be able to take our feet off the gas pedal as the holiday approachs, just a millimetre or two, but we don't. Instead its a case of cramming 4 weeks work into 3 on top of the year end rush. Busy busy busy. Awesome! Meanwhile at home its all go too.  Buying presents, putting up decorations, thinking about children, hammering the credit card,  meeting friends and family.  And Christmas on Sky TV starts 1 December so we get Noddy Holder's Top 100 Christmas Songs (again).   At work the decorations go up and there's occasional talk about the works "do" and who's turn it will be to fall over this year. 

We love December.   Its a great month. We get stacks done and a great break at the end of the month to recharge batteries and watch National Lampoons Xmas Vacation again.  Let's all raise a glass of egg-nog and toast the Griswolds, the spirit of Christmas, and one of the best months of the year:- DECEMBER.  Have a good one!

What do you say, Roy?

Friday, 29 November 2013

Movember 2013

We're still counting the cash generated but more importantly Movember is about raising awareness and changing attitudes, Heads will have been turned by this splendid array of tashes.  Well done chaps!

Howard (fake tash - wife gave him £20 to shave it off early), Tim, Tony, Barry, Konrad, Bernard, Matt 

Cute Kitten deceives black and white bunny

Trust me. Purrrrr.
Identity Theft?

Although the term "identity theft" was first coined in 1964, ironically it is the digital age that has perhaps made this form of fraud a bigger problem today than it was say 20 years ago. Identity theft involves a person pretending to be someone else in order to access resources or credit.  Organisations as well as individuals can have their identity "stolen" and can fall victims to this potentially very damaging and costly crime.  There is more than one type of identity theft:

  • Criminal identity theft (posing as another person when apprehended for a crime)
  • Financial identity theft (using another's identity to obtain credit, goods and services)
  • Identity cloning (using another's information to assume his or her identity in daily life)
  • Medical identity theft (using another's identity to obtain medical care or drugs)
  • Child identity theft.

When you think about it it quickly becomes apparent that wherever data exists - whether on paper or electronically on hard drives or CD-ROMS - their is an opportunity for the crook. The criminal that probably springs to mind first is the rubbish bin rummager, followed by the stealer of debit/credit cards and identification documentation such as passports and driving licences. But their are others, from the opportunist to the organised criminal. Business espionage is real.

Why shred?
All businesses as well as private individuals have the occasion to throw out confidential data. If in doubt, SHRED IT".  Business have an additional burden of responsibility - complying with data protection regulations.  Do you print cost-price lists or quotations?  Ever stopped to think how valuable these would be to you competitor or how damaging it could be to trade if your customer somehow got hold of them?  What about that salesman who just left.  Has he made off with a briefcase stuffed with customer quotations?  Does he have cost price lists? Customer and supplier lists?  What does he have on that USB stick?  He's not going to a competitor of yours?  Frightening eh?

What you should shred
Financial records, payroll records, personnel files, legal documents, cancelled cheques, account ledgers/records, competitor information, computer print outs, medical records, advertising misprints, lottery tickets, maps and blue prints, new product proposals, inventory lists, confidential correspondence, customer lists, tax records, supplier lists, outdated business records, microfilm and fiche, invoices, price lists. 

Click for Shredder Video

Too much confidential material to shred in house?

You need Irongate Shred 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The World's Toughest Shredders

Graduate Trainee Position - Commercial, Derby

Irongate was established in 1977 as a retail shop called The Irongate Copy Centre selling photocopying services. 36 years on and our hardworking team has helped turn the Irongate Group into the largest independent Business Services provider in the midlands with a turnover of £17 million.  

We believe we offer something really quite unique; a suite of integrated business products and services, that deliver tangible benefits to our clients and their businesses. Our specialist Business Services help businesses to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively whilst our Managed Communications services ensure businesses communicate with their customers effectively and profitably.

Over the last year we have run a Graduate Training programme, where the Graduate Trainee has spent time across all functions of the business over an 8-12 month period. Having successfully completed the programme the individual has been assigned to a permanent role within one of our Sales teams. The Graduate Trainee scheme here at Irongate has been a real success and we have developed a valued and integral member of the Irongate Team. Following the success of the programme in 2013, we have decided to run it again for 2014.

We are interested to hear from individuals who would like to undertake training to commence their career in a Commercial role.

We are looking for a dedicated, hardworking and motivated individual, with a strong desire to
succeed and ability to use their initiative to deal with a variety of different and challenging situations on a daily basis. The successful candidate will be confident, driven and able to learn in a fast and demanding environment. You will be a highly self-motivated individual with a proven track record demonstrating perseverance, focus and self-disciplined hard-work. The following additional skills, qualities and abilities are essential:

- Positive attitude
- Resilience
- Ambition
- Excellent attention to detail
- Excellent presentation and communication skills
- Commercial awareness
- Genuine interest and appreciation of all aspects of business
- Excellent rapport building skills

We are keen to hear from Graduates who want to pursue a successful career in a commercial role and fully utilise this excellent opportunity.

This is a full-time position, and is based at our Kingsway Park Close site in Derby. The studying of business/commercial related qualifications is desirable, but not essential.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Special Subscription offer from PA Life

The top magazine for every Personal or Executive   Assistant, Secretary or anyone who runs your office, is available absolutely free of charge.

PA Life is the UK’s leading magazine for top personal and executive assistants.

Every issue contains a wealth of information relevant to PA's personal and work activities. Don't miss out on your copy.
To receive PA life in
Print or Digital version Click here
PA Life is an invaluable source of information on subjects such as:
  • Finding the best business travel deals.
  • Organising events.
  • Choosing the right hotel for your next event.
  • Improving efficiency in the office.
  • Advice and guidance on HR, Office management, and everything a top PA has to cope with on a day-to-day basis.
  • Also receive regular discounts and incentives on products and services for your office.
But it’s not all work in PA Life magazine,
  PA's will find fascinating articles about:
  • Business clothes and fashion wear for the office.
  • Interviews with other top PAs.
  • Book reviews.
  • Restaurant and hotel reviews.
  • Advice columns on career development.
  • Training.
  • Access to our website with news on the latest incentives,The PA Life Club, PA Life Training Courses, offers and much more.

For further information please contact our PA Life Team on 01992 374100 or email


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

How To Keep Your Business Safe this Winter

According to a recent article in The Express, Britain is braced for the ‘worst winter in decades’ with the first major snowfall expected in just weeks while heavy wintry showers are expected to cause widespread chaos with below-average temperatures possibly lingering until February!

But you don't need to worry about the disruption caused by potential snow this winter. Plan ahead and weatherproof your business by taking advantage of our wide range of winter products including grit, shovels, spreaders, heaters and everything you need to keep your car moving!

Contact us on 01332 614602 or email:

Friday, 15 November 2013

Dont' Tell The Bride Bridesmaid Digs Deep Again

This time for Children In Need

If you thought you'd seen Kirsty, pictured in her onesie in our previous blog post and below, somewhere else, you might have seen her in the BBC 3 season finale of Don't Tell The Bride. Kirsty had to dig deep as a bridesmaid but has chosen to dig deep today by making some of her wonderful cakes to support Pudsey Bear. We last enjoyed these when Kirsty baked for Comic Relief. Yummy!

Children in Need

Good luck to everyone involved with and supporting Children in Need today!  Here at Irongate Group we have cakes and a dress down day with some of the bravest coming in their pyjamas and onesies. Have a fun day!

#Pudseybear  pj party. Clive Mason was spotted in a cheerful shirt, Konrad crouches like the tiger, Jenna and Faye chill out, Steve grins and bears it, Beth and Kirsty look warm in onesies, Karen and Baz both looking Super, man.  

Pudsey cake by Gemma Killer, spotted cup cakes by Kirsty Hadfield.  Mmmm. Looking too good to eat!

Savoury and sweet goodies courtesy of Jenna Brightwell, Faye Morrow and Charmian Boddy

Monday, 11 November 2013

Works Christmas Parties - Potential HR Disaster!

“In the current economic environment with people under increasing pressure at work, there is an added risk that people will drink too much, let off steam, and do something they might regret in the sober light of the next morning.”  Have fun but be safe.

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