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Thursday, 21 February 2013

PInterest isn't just for the ladies

It is a treasure trove of stimulating hits tips links images and suggestions, whatever your Pinterest  ...   


jusgem said...

The UK figures compared to the US are basically flipped. With a higher percentage of male users in the UK with a stronger lean towards PR, venture capitalism and technology. Where as in the US around 80% of the users are women and the focus of the boards are more on hobbies, design and the home.

Gemma Kane

Ask Irongate said...

Not that this tip is a men only tip! But if you are a lady, or a man for that matter, my PInterest boards have been created to provide something of interest to you all. From flowers to health and safety, weddings to digital printing. I hope you'll find it a springboard to the deep pool that is PInterest. Dive in and swim to content that is relevant to you.

Ask Irongate said...

Cool data! Thank you. What's your source? :-)

Ask Irongate said...

Exploring the feedback from Gemma (a big thank you for this) above if found this post on PInterest and gender. Fabulous stuff.

Anonymous said...

Pinterest drives more traffic than Twitter for Sony
Back in June Sony gave us an insight into its Pinterest strategy, which began with research into what brand content was already being shared.

By knowing what fans wanted, this allowed the Sony team to plan its potential boards and analyse the assets they already had in its Flickr community, in house and in its archives.

At launch, Sony utilised other channels to promote its Pinterest account. The team also increased pin frequency to four pins a day and created additional boards as needed to keep momentum going.

By June it had more than 2,300 brand followers, 1,200 likes on Sony pins and more than 2,500 pins from the Sony website.

More importantly, Sony’s Pinterest boards have driven:

an 800% increase in traffic from Pinterest to the Sony store website.
2.5 times the traffic driven by Twitter (which has 80,000 followers) to the website.
10 times more clicks of the Pin-it button than the Tweet This one.

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