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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Social Media Incredibility

Is Your businesses Social Media Credibility in the top 1% Yet?

Here at Irongate we recognise that blogging isn't all about posting products and rambling on about how good we claim to be at this or that.  A box of paper clips can only be so interesting (yawn). True, we do feature some product info' news and offers because we reckon there is some relevance, but for us the jury is still out as to how engaging social media actually is, yet. We do try hard to come up with diverse but relevant content that might stimulate some sharing. Anyway .. to the point. 

Irongate just got a Peerindex score of 66.  Whoopedo you might say.  But hey, if we can do it, any business can.  

Thanks to all our followers, tweeters, Pinterest sharers, Google + followers and Blog readers.  Especially to those who share interesting stuff and engage with us. We hope to engage with you soon.  And as you can tell the writer doesn't have a degree in journalism.  I am making it up as I go along. How about you?  Dive in the water is lovely.

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