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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Little helpers for the office

More often than not, it’s the small things that make a big difference – especially in the office! We’ve put together a selected list of “little helpers” conceived to make office life just a little more pleasant.

1. The mini-projector
Isn’t it somehow always the case at important presentations: there’s a projector, but for some reason you just can’t get it to work. Sometimes it’s a missing cable, or an IT synchronisation problem. If making presentations out of the office is a key part of your job description, a mini-projector could be just the thing for both your nerves and your budget. Simply plug it into your laptop, or even your cell phone – and almost instantly, your PowerPoint slides will be on the wall for everyone to admire. Usually, it won’t even need an extra electric socket, since a battery is built in to most models.
2. Ventilator? Or how about a foot warmer?
OK, it’s 36°C in the shade (or 96.8°F if you prefer) and there’s no air conditioning in your office? We’ve got just the right thing for you: a small USB ventilator. It’s quiet, it can be used via your PC connection and it delivers a life-saving cool breeze. In the winter? Well, then you can simply plug in a USB foot warmer!

3. Foot support
Are you one of those people who tend to cross their legs a lot at their desk? It isn’t great for your circulation or the veins in your legs. A little bit of foot support under your desk could do wonders. Especially if you’re not the tallest person in the office, the foot support will ensure that your legs are positioned at a close to perfect 90° angle. It’s ideal for your posture and it avoids that unpleasant feeling of the chair seat pressing against the back of your thigh.
4. Anti-stress ball
Sometimes, things just get to you. There are days when nothing goes your way, when your customers are unbearably difficult, and your trainees can’t get their act together. No need to get upset.
Take your anti-stress ball out of your top drawer, and give it a good knead. It’ll help you get rid of excess energy. And you’ll see: you’ll keep your cool even in the most challenging situations.
5. Pasta Master
No access to a cafeteria? You can’t bear the idea of yet another sandwich or fast-food meal out of the microwave? With the Pasta Master from Tupperware, you can cook spaghetti directly in the microwave. Simply put noodles and water in the container. Then, straight into the microwave – that’s it! Add a few spoonfuls of ready-made pesto, or your favourite homemade sauce, and you’ve got yourself a scrumptious lunch.
6. The coffee warmerMost people aren’t worth much without their early-morning or mid-afternoon cup of coffee. But there’s nothing worse than a cup of lukewarm brew. A USB-powered cup warmer could be exactly what you need. Indispensable for coffee junkies!
7. Waste separation at your desk
You do it at home, so there’s no reason not to separate your waste at your desk. You can buy tightly closing separators for your waste bin, or even separation systems with containers which can be emptied separately. So now, you can separate paper from packaging and residual waste – and become the undisputed role model for environmental behaviour in your office.
8. Business card scanner
If you’re like most of us, when you head home from meetings, seminars and conferences, you’re loaded down with pockets full of business cards. But who’s got the time to transfer all this information into your address database? You need a business card scanner! These handy devices are usually delivered with their own software, enabling you to store the business card as an image or as text information, which can then be transferred to other programmes as needed.
9. The keyboard brush
Crumbs, hair, dust – it’s amazing (and not always appetising) what accumulates over time between the keys on your keyboard. A little keyboard brush will serve you well. In no time at all, you’ll have whisked away all the dirt from even the most inaccessible cracks. It’s also ideal to dust off decorative items and other dust-catchers on your desk. And for those that need all the latest gadgets, there is always the USB-powered mini-vacuum cleaner as an alternative
10. The best helper of all
When all is said and done, YOU are the best helper of all! Support and help your co-workers whenever you can and they’ll be delighted to return the favour when necessary. After all, it’s always more fun and more productive to work in an environment where people treat each other well!

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