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Friday, 15 March 2013

Red Nose Day 2013 - Fancy Dress at Irongate

Official photos to follow - but these snaps will keep you going for now ...

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery.  Awesome Clive.  I am flattered :-)

Taking the P, Clive Mason came as ME!

Doing a  Hilda Ogden? it's Carla Elwill 
Going gaga - It's Lady Kirtsy Hadfield!
Christina Lee, the Onesie for me.
Where's Nathan?
Shrek using the force? Ian Mellin and Viv Lydaite
Laura Waller with Adam Noble - MD - thanks for letting us all dress up for comic relief Adam!

The hills are alive with the sound of  Ann Perry
Coolest man at Irongate? Chill with Curtis Hill.

Waiting for the sunshine.  Mandy Palmer
 Lets Hoola! Emma Wright
Looking good, Hayley Rivers
Smile for the camera- Sadie Arscott
I am no mug! Sam Johnstone
A right bunch! Lewis Parkin, Tony Milburn, Alan Bull
Head shaving later for Steve Squires

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! Neil Blatherwick

Where's the rum?  Captain Fat Sparrow Howard Forton - (blog writer)

NHS cuts? Send for DJBAZ - . Barry Pearn

 Sir! Norman Bradley
 Allright daarlin - Gary Goodridge

I am having nun of this! Karen Milne

Loveley Jubbly. Austin Coyne

Leaving us soon, Steffanie Liggett - a flower in accounts

It's still Movember for Ryan Cummings

Jonathan Smith's Elvis sees Tony Milburn's Edward Scissorhands for a trim

Jon Rogers loosing at Chair bowling he he.. Matt Mellor, 1st, I came 2nd, Steve Smith came 3rd

Mad Nun Ann Perry shaves Steve Squires and raises loads! Who loves ya baby?

It's Number 1, It's Nick Wheeler, he's top of the crops!

And new-boy,  superstar in the making Mark Williams, shows he's a fast learner!

A quick run down of some of the funny stuff going on at Irongate  to raise funds for Comic Relief on Red Nose Day.  

Chair Bowls
Fancy Dress
Top Gear Racing Challenge
Head Shaving
Cakes ... yum!
Mystery guest

As well as raising funds for important causes it's generating a fantastic positive buzz about the place. Funny is good! 

What will you be doing?

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