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Friday, 22 March 2013

Top tips for making your office greener

original article from the fab'  PA Life News

25 January, 2012
Are companies neglecting their environmental responsibilities?
In this age of austerity, it seems that all too often that being eco-friendly is seen as an unnecessary hassle that will cost time and money. However, if implemented efficiently and effectively it can save your organisation cash, improve staff morale and also generate positive PR.
Kellie Allan, PA to Logistik Group’s Joint MD James Wilkins, gives her advice on how this ideal can become a reality in your work place.
Kellie’s top 10 tips for a more sustainable office:
1. First and most importantly have a positive attitude; it will achieve a lot more than a tentative approach.
2. Secondly, you embrace the multitasking. Look at sustainability as a few more balls to juggle. Break it down into bite sized chunks, make a plan, keep the records, get your colleagues involved and you’re half way there.
3. Start analysing the elements – environmental, economic, and social. Then you’ll find that it’s easier to tackle. You’ll also find that you’re doing a lot if it already and being able to demonstrate this really helps you win over colleagues.
4. Once you’ve identified what you can already do start to add in some new areas whilst carefully monitoring what the team around is good and what they’re terrible at. As we all know from years of experience, a tricky job is easier and quicker done if you just do it yourself; don’t be tempted, get those areas tackled first or they’ll just hang over you and get even worse.
5. If you want to fit sustainable practices in with your already packed diary then you have to make it easy on yourself, don’t pick up on people’s tasks but rather engage and educate – find a way to make it work. Find a way to make it important and on their agendas.
6. Use the company’s social media outlets to communicate the businesses proactive and diverse approach to sustainability. This will appeal to clients as well as keeping employees informed.
7. When you’re researching for a new stationery supplier you ask for their sustainability credentials as well as getting them to come and collect their empty toners and scrap paper and card for recycling. Next thing you know you’ve got ‘sustainable procurement’ ticket off your list and you don’t have to worry about what to do with the waste.
8. The move to becoming a sustainable office can be as easy or as hard as you make it. Treat it like any other long term task, engage your project management skills and before too long you’ll get it running like clockwork.
9. When reviewing your current cleaning or researching for a new one, ask them how they incorporate sustainability to practice what makes their service sustainable – products, supplies and method? Club together with your suppliers and ensure you are all working in tandem towards becoming more sustainable.
10. Speak to your marketing manager and have your sustainable approach added to the website and internal/external newsletters.
What are your views on sustainability in the world of business? Let us know on our discussion forums.

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