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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Happiness among office workers remains consistent

According to research by Office Angels reports PA Life

PA Life Features
15 April, 2013

Happiness among office workers remains consistent
Over four in ten (42%) UK workers are happy in their current job, mirroring this time last year when 41% of people described themselves as happy, according to new research from Office Angels.
Despite the absence of nationwide events – The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, London 2012 Olympics and the Paralympic Games – which created excitement in 2012, the recruiter’s Happiness at Work tracker suggests morale and job satisfaction remain constant.
Happiness is highest in Edinburgh, where nearly half (46%) of workers report they are happy.
In stark contrast, happiness levels dip in Nottingham and across Wales where over a third (35%) of workers claim to be unhappy, 8% more than the national average.
Nationally, generation Y workers are more likely to say they are not satisfied, with over a quarter (27%) of 25-34 year olds unhappy in their current job, compared to just a fifth (20%) of those aged over 55.
Happiness fluctuates between different industry sectors as well, with a significant proportion of people working in the arts (67%), professional services (53%) and education (47%) claiming to be happy.

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