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Monday, 22 April 2013

Work is biggest cause of stress in life

According to Mind

Original article published by PA Life Features
15 April, 2013

Work is biggest cause of stress in life
Research commissioned by mental health charity Mind has found that work is the most stressful factor in people’s lives.
One in three people (34%) said their work life was either “very or quite stressful”, more so than debt or financial problems (30%) or health (17%).
The survey of more than 2,000 people found the top cause for workplace stress was frustration with poor management, with one in three (32%) describing this as either “very stressful or quite stressful”. Excessive workload was the second most stressful factor for one in four (26%) of those surveyed, followed by not enough support from managers (25%) and unrealistic targets (25%).
Mind is urging managers and HR professionals to sign up to their free webinars and resources that will focus on creating mentally healthy workplaces in tough economic times and supporting staff who are stressed or have mental health problems. A culture of fear and silence about mental health problems is still prevalent and costly to employers, with other key findings revealing:
· One in five people (19%) takes a day off sick because of stress, but 90% of those people cited a different reason for their absence.
· One in ten (9%) has resigned from a job due to stress and one in four (25%) has considered resigning due to work pressure.
· One in five (19%) felt they couldn’t tell their boss if they were overly stressed.
· Of the 22 per cent of those surveyed who have a diagnosed mental health problem, less than half (10%) had actually told their boss about their diagnosis.
The survey reveals that line managers would like to do more to improve staff mental wellbeing but more than half (56%) said they needed more training and/ or guidance and nearly half (46%) said it is not a priority in their organisation. However, employees don’t believe that managers are actively tackling causes of stress in the workplace, with only one in five people saying they felt their line manager took active steps to help staff manage stress (22%) or mental health conditions (19%)

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