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Friday, 3 May 2013

Office Supplies Dilemma - Local Dealer or Web-Store?

If you check out on-line its time to check-out this and see how buying from an office products dealer beats the web-stores hands down. Dealers have the features, benefits and advantage. Not to mention the added products, services and value you simply won't find on any stationery web-store.
Lower prices on the items you buy most AND everything else too.
Errr .. Save money!
Impress your boss with savings and/or save your business money to spend elsewhere.
Professional but friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated account manager.
Makes what can be a chore into a pleasure. We’ll find the most suitable products for you, provide guidance, up-date you about special offers and promotions, and point you to a specialist buddy: print, furniture, business gifts. Here for you when things go wrong.
Bring some sunshine and inter-personal liaison into your day, never miss a bargain and spend less time looking for stuff you can’t find on-line.
Order on-line if that’s your preference.
Build orders and place any time.
Just like the 100’s of web-stores out there but with prices specific to your needs and first class back-up.
Opening a credit account is quick and easy.
Start ordering today if you like.
Enjoy 30 days credit, no need for a purchasing card – though you can use one if you prefer.
No minimum order value or hidden costs like carriage charges.
Order what you want, how much you want, when you want.
No pressure to spend more than you need.
More features than you can shake a stick at

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Ask Irongate said...

Click the picture and take the Irongate challenge! There's absolutely nothing to lose. The worse thing that can happen is that nothing changes.

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