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Friday, 31 May 2013

Tips For Home Office Organisation

A popular post re-posted (again) in case you missed it

Owners of successful top home based businesses know the importance of being organised and structured so that they can manage their resources efficiently for greater productivity and profitability. Some of these areas are their time, paperwork, office stationery, equipment, computer files and working area.

They also know the importance of being organized with the family and household duties as it benefits their home business, their family as well as their health and sanity! There are a variety of methods and tools readily available that can assist you to get organized too.

Time is the most valuable resource that you have so you should set out a timetable or schedule so that you can maximise the amount of work you do whilst using the least amount of time as possible. A timetable and schedule enables you to be dedicated to get everything done in a timely manner and thus you will be on top of your tasks and you will not feel as if you are overwhelmed by it all and want to give it all away!

Start by putting in all your regular commitments, your no-work times such as important family events and ensure that you put in your rest times as you need some time for yourself to unwind and be rested and refreshed too. Then put in all of the household tasks in their relevant timeslots for example the garbage is collected on Friday so on Thursday the refrigerator is cleared out whilst getting the evening meal. Now you will be able to put in your home business tasks by the time needed, deadline and importance.

If you don't know how long a particular task takes so that you can allocate a timeslot for it time yourself whilst doing it. Also look at tasks that can be done together, for example do the computer backup and virus scan whilst getting the evening meal or playing with the children.

Plan tasks too so that they can flow into others, for example Tuesday is shopping day so on Monday get the fliers done so that you can put them on the noticeboards whilst you are at the shops. Also life always likes to give us unexpected events to keep us on our toes so ensure that your schedule is flexible enough so that you can cope and be able to handle these situations much better when they occur. Constantly review, update and modify your schedule as lives are never stable and consistent.

To organize all of your bits and pieces and stationery items you can put all similar items together using various containers. There are many readily available in different sizes and colors.

Of course, if funds are tight then you could you reuse containers, jars, tins and boxes that come your way, or get them from any shop that sells such items cheaply or go to garage sales. If you are crafty then you can redecorate them.

Then label them by using a label maker or get the children busy with their creative skills to create some unique ones for you by using paper or cardboard which can then be cut to size and applied using glue or Sellotape. Once these are done you can then place these in a variety of places and ways, for example in a cupboard or on shelves depending upon what furniture and space you have.

For your paperwork you can use a variety of methods to file and organize these so that you can access all of your information readily. There are, of course, filing cabinets which is one of the best but if this is not suitable for you then get some lever arch type files or cardboard archive boxes. For the information that you need to refer to often, you can use plastic display folders.

The files on your computer also should be organized so that you can find what you need easily and quickly. Spend a little time thinking and planning this out, but don't try to get it to work perfectly straight away as you can modify the structure as you go!

Don't think of this as another huge task to be done, just do it gradually, make it fun and get the whole family involved too!

Author - Annette Cole


older, wiser, former said...

Hey, Office Thingy! When did you sneak into my home office to take that top picture? Think I need to take your advice!

Office Thingy said...

lol :-) Thank you for dropping by and taking time out to comment. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I saw this post back in March and always thought it was one of your best ones. A few simple products and the right frame of mind brings order to chaos!

Promotional gifts said...

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Anonymous said...

GreT blogg thingy , home office organisation , i could do with , my home always ends up like my office !

Anonymous said...

Blimey that top office is a tip and a fire hazard! Is it a real office or was it made up to make the point?

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