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Friday, 28 June 2013

#Wimbledon, John demands New Balls Please! You cannot be serious!!

Click picture for original pet story
You gotta be kidding!

Ask Irongate for anything from a ball of string to a .... just ask! 

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Health and Safety at #Wimbledon!

Curious at the furore over the surfaces at Wimbledon. Sportspeople occasionally falling on grass is now terribly dangerous it seems.

Stop that Raquet Racket with these ear defenders from 3M.

Ask Irongate about PPE products

Ask Irongate for Premises Management Supplies too.

Record injuries at Wimbledon

Meanwhile back at Wimbledon its a ......

Letts 2014 calendars and diaries coming soon

Let Versus Net

Many people confuse the two different outcomes that happen when a ball hits the net, both of which are explained below:

  1. Let ball: The ball hits the net cord, and then lands in the appropriate service box. In this scenario, the server gets to redo the serve without penalty. For example, if a let occurs on a second serve, the serve is void and the server gets to retry the second serve.

  2. Net ball: The ball hits the net cord, and then lands anywhere outside of the appropriate service box. When a net ball occurs, the serve is considered out and cannot be retried. A net ball on a second serve results in a double fault.

Read more at:

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Wimbledon means great tennis and ..

Strawberries and cream ...

Strawberry go-ahead yogurt break
Maxima green cream cleaner
Now we're not suggesting these items give you anything like the luxury of strawberries and cream in the sunshine of  Wimbledon, but you can enjoy the luxury of having your catering/breakroom supplies delivered alongside your cleaning and janitorial products.  

Irongate delivers "an ace service".

Monday, 24 June 2013

Friday, 21 June 2013

Friday again, and another reason to do business with Irongate

Largest Office Supplies and Print company in the UK
Dedicated web and software team
Print production facility
On demand web and output technology
Printing over 2 million A4’s a month

1000 business card orders printed from the web per month

Why do business with Irongate?

You can trust us
Customer retention rate 95%
98% of customers rate us as good or excellent on our willingness to help
97% of customers state that we always deliver on our promises

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Why do business with Irongate?


  • 65% of our business is from referral
  • 97% of customers stated they would recommend Irongate to a friend
  • In the last 12 months Irongate received 122 written references from customers
  • 17 June 2013 - 
Hi Chris 
Hope you are well?

Just to let you know that Karen is great - everything we have worked on has gone very smoothly, she is very precise and extremely reliable and a pleasure to work with.

Karen Stuart one of a team of people satisfying our print customers

Why do business with Irongate?

Our survey said .. 
u We are really good with customers!
98% of our customers state that our willingness to help is good or excellent
98% of customers say that we understand the needs of their business
98% of customers say our willingness to help is either good or excellent
97% of customers are made to feel that their business is very important to us

97% of customers rate us either good or excellent at delivering on our promises

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Laminating Hints and Tips

To accompany my earlier post and if you are looking for tips to help you laminate your documents using your pouch laminator, you have come to the right place. Here are twelve quick tips to help you ensure that you get picture perfect lamination every time...

1.Common applications for pouch laminators include: Photos, signage, ID badges and tags, luggage tags, protection of frequently used documents, advertising, important lists, promotional materials, and the creation of fun educational/learning activities for students. Before you begin, determine what type of project that you want to create and consider how the materials that you need to laminate will be used.

2.Before you begin, read the owner's manual for your pouch laminator. Every laminator is a little bit different and reading the manual can be extremely helpful.

3.Determine if your laminator requires a pouch carrier or if it is considered carrier free. A pouch carrier is a protective paper based envelope that is used to protect your laminating pouch and document during the lamination process. Carrier free machines operate at lower temperatures and allow you to insert your pouch and document (sealed end first) directly into the laminator without a carrier.

4.Set the heat of the machine to the appropriate setting for the type of paper that you are using. The greater the thickness of the paper and the pouch, the more heat that will be required to laminate it.

5.Once the ready light indicates that your laminator is prepared and has reached the appropriate temperature a test sheet is always recommended before beginning your project. This will help to ensure that you are satisfied with the output of the laminator at that specific temperature. If you find that your document is wavy you might need to lower the heat and if it is cloudy you will need to turn up the heat.

6.Align the document in the centre of the pouch using the sealed end of the pouch as an alignment guide.

7.Remove the document from the machine once it is finished and allow it to lay flat for cooling.

8.If you desire a flush cut laminated document only trim the excess lamination after the document has cooled. Never trim a pouch prior to laminating the document as this may cause a machine jam and could void your warranty.

9.If the laminated document is cloudy you can increase the laminator heat and run it through the laminator again.

10.If the laminated document is wavy, the laminator heat setting may be too hot. Reduce the setting for the next document.

11.The cold setting on the laminator is designed for use with Self Seal laminating pouches for a greater seal and removal of air bubbles. You should not use any heat settings with self seal laminating pouches as this may cause problems.

12.Should a pouch jam in your laminator or you wish to remove a pouch prior to the document finishing you will need to turn the laminator off before using the jam release lever / switch. Once the machine is off you can press down on the jam release lever (if you have one) while pulling the document from the front of the machine. If your laminator has a reverse button you will want to press the button while gently pulling on the pouch to remove it from the laminator.

Go here for some cool information from GBC  

Ask Irongate about .. Laminators

Simple, stress-free lamination

Lamination is an ideal way to create signs, notices, reference documentation, promotional material, security badges, ID's, menus, price lists .. You can even laminate photographs now. There's a huge range of laminators available in the market, from budget models to large office and high performance models.

OK, but what actually is “a laminate”?
A laminate is a material that can be constructed by uniting two or more layers of material together. The process of creating a laminate is lamination, which refers to the placing of something between layers of plastic and gluing them with heat and/or pressure, usually with an adhesive.

And how does a laminator work?
The user places the item to be laminated inside the laminate "pouch" and turns the machine on to heat up. Once ready, the pouch is placed in the machine and rollers pull the pouch through the heat as it goes. In both cases of hot laminate machines, the two layers consist of an adhesive resin and a polyester-based layer. When the two touch and are heated, the resin melts to create the hard surface as it bonds with the polyester layer.

And why would I want to laminate?
Laminating paper or card prevents it from becoming creased, sun damaged, wrinkled, stained, smudged, abraded and/or marked by grease, fingerprints and environmental concerns.  Lamination therefore has many uses and is a widely used as a means of adding protection and improving appearance.  

Choosing the right laminator - key considerations:
  1. What is the maximum document size you will be laminating; ID, A6, A4, A3 or A2?
  2. How many people will be using the machine and how often?
  3. What is the machines "warm up time"?
  4. How fast does the machine laminate?
  5. What is the maximum pouch thickness the machine can take?
  6. Does it have an auto shut-off to prevent overheating?
  7. Does it have Heatguard technology which keeps heat the heat inside?
  8. Is a starter kit of free pouches included?
Irongate Group has a wide range of laminating machines so please use the above check list to help you find the most suitable machine for your needs.  If you are too busy to search the machines please call customer services. We will be pleased to help you find the right machine at the right price-point.

Here are a couple of popular machines:

Fellowes Venus A3   Product code: BB51114
A high performance office laminator.  Easy to use and reliable with a unique animated graphic display.  It heats up in just 4 minutes and the "Heatguard" technology ensures it doesn't get hot to the touch, so it's safe and ideal for use in offices and schools.

Fellowes Saturn 2, A3  Product code: BB572720
A portable machine perfectly suited to occasional home or office use.

Accessories - Laminating Pouches
There are a wide range of pouches available in terms of size, thickness and pack quantity.  There are also ranges for specific application; photo format, adhesive back, pre-punched, matt finish, gloss finish .... If you are too busy to search for the right pouches, or indeed any other office product, please call customer services.  We will find your laminator pouches for you.
Left to right,  Venus and Saturn

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Workwear Fashion Inspiration and More

Spooky Caterpillar Web Engulfs Trees

Colour Survey Radio Interview

Recent research, commissioned by 3M Post-it®, revealed blue as the nation's favourite colour. Yellow is associated with happiness and green is the colour most associated with Britain. However, many consumers do not make their favourite shade visible at home or in the office... so why not brighten your day by looking at the vibrant range of Post-it® Colour Notes?

So far, 49 radio stations have played 3M's radio interview with colour expert Karen Haller. Click  here to hear it and add to 3M's tally of 5.3 million listeners. 

Personalise Your Environment

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

BIC Launches Promotional Campaign

BIC has launched quarterly themed promotions for 2013 to encourage customers to choose the recognised brand over its competitors.

The promotions incentivise office consumers to purchase BIC stationery products and reward them for their loyalty. They automatically qualify for vouchers for a variety of exciting experiences if they buy a minimum of two selected boxes from the BIC range. Vouchers are available on the purchase of popular products including BIC Cristal, 4Colour, Atlantis® pens and Tipp-Ex.

The current promotion, running until the end of June, offers ‘2 for 1 Days Out’ vouchers across a number of UK attractions. Customers just need to enter the unique code provided by BIC onto, choose their attraction and redeem their voucher.

The theme for Q3 is ‘Dining Out’ where stationery purchasers will have the opportunity to enjoy a ‘2 for 1’ or 50% off a delicious meal for two, from a choice of over 1,500 restaurants nationwide. These will range from independent caf├ęs to country pubs and rosette-starred bistros, offering customers an extensive choice. 

‘Pamper yourself with BIC’ is the final quarterly theme, with vouchers up for grabs with each purchase of selected products. Luxury spa treatments, manicures, pedicures, facials and massages are up for grabs.

Philip Wesoloski, BIC’s UK and Ireland sales manager, commented: “By offering promotions with seasonal themes, we’re confident this is a great way to engage with office staff, giving them access to some fantastic experiences they wouldn’t usually treat themselves to, whatever the time of year.  The vouchers sit well within the ethos of the BIC brand, which is all about inspiring creativity and having fun.”

Monday, 10 June 2013

Stop people from stealing your data

All companies have confidential data – financial, employee records and customer records but how does your business currently dispose of those confidential documents?

We offer a variety of safe and cost-effective ways for you to securely dispose of your confidential documents, ensuring your business is compliant with the Data Protection Act and doesn’t have the hassle of internal shredding.
Our Bags ‘n’ Tags option is the simplest method. Order a quantity of shredding bags and when full, arrange a collection and your Irongate driver will collect. They will be destroyed at a secure shredding facility and almost all of the paper is recycled into new products, closing the loop and helping to minimise environmental impacts. We can also offer a bespoke solution to suit your business including secure consoles placed around your office.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Fun - Film Titles with an Office Stationery Twist

Kung Fu Panda storage box
Jurrasic Parker
Snopake and the Seven Dwarves
Pulp Frixion
Monsters Inc and Toner
Gone with the Window envelopes
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
Schindler's Listing Paper
Saving Private Ryman
Raiders of the Lost lever Arch file
Crocodile Clip Dundee
The Thing   s to do today book
2001 a Space Odyssey stapler
The Dark Crystal Bic Ballpen
The Great Escape sign
Flash drive Gordon
The French Q-Connection
Seven Brides for seven Brothers multifunction printer
A Shot in the Dark blue document wallet
The Man with the Golden Glue Gun
The Staple Guns of Navarone
You Got Mail ing machine envelopes
5 Star Wars
Murder on the Office Express
Terminator 3, Rise of the Office Machines
Lost in Space tidy
An American Werewolf in Collins Greater London street map

Content is King

There are lies, damn lies and then there are statistics Infograms?

Does this blog add value to your experience?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How To Thrive and Survive at Work

Would You Like to Shine and Boost your "Elvis factor?"

If you work in an office environment - and chances are if you are reading this you do - there's something in this little gem for everyone, from CEO to Apprentice.  The book is broken down into superb bite-sized chunks and is a must read for us all - whether you buy stationery, sell office products or find yourself stood by the photocopier faced with a paper jam like the rest of us.

When Bono goes into any organisation on his mission to eradicate Third World debt, he asks "Who's the Elvis around here?" It's a fabulous question.
The "Elvis" Bono is looking for is the person who stands out, breaks the rules, makes things happen, shines a bit more brightly (and loves every minute of it). This book is for all those who want to shine a little brighter in their workplace.
Most of us want something more from work. It may be a promotion, more money, better connections or even a more effortless life. Often the answer is not how to fit in, but how to stand out.
Chris Barez-Brown believes everyone can make their mark. In this inspirational business book he shows us how.
Shine is packed with lessons and tips, each offering a new twist on a basic human truth: including 'Build Allies', 'Flex Your Perspectives', 'Know What You Stand For', and 'Daydream'.

Available form all good book stores, published by Penguin.

Thank you very much.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Its a wrap. The Top 10 Office Products You Cant Do Without

10 Sellotape. And if you want the best unilateral bonding strip (quote Buzz Lightyear) you can't go wrong with Sellotape.

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