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Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Fun - Film Titles with an Office Stationery Twist

Kung Fu Panda storage box
Jurrasic Parker
Snopake and the Seven Dwarves
Pulp Frixion
Monsters Inc and Toner
Gone with the Window envelopes
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon
Schindler's Listing Paper
Saving Private Ryman
Raiders of the Lost lever Arch file
Crocodile Clip Dundee
The Thing   s to do today book
2001 a Space Odyssey stapler
The Dark Crystal Bic Ballpen
The Great Escape sign
Flash drive Gordon
The French Q-Connection
Seven Brides for seven Brothers multifunction printer
A Shot in the Dark blue document wallet
The Man with the Golden Glue Gun
The Staple Guns of Navarone
You Got Mail ing machine envelopes
5 Star Wars
Murder on the Office Express
Terminator 3, Rise of the Office Machines
Lost in Space tidy
An American Werewolf in Collins Greater London street map


Anonymous said...

The Vikings

Anonymous said...

Big trouble in little chinagraph

Anonymous said...

Good Fellowes

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