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Friday, 5 July 2013

Where do Irongate's satisfied customers come from?

Every satisfied customer will have started their journey with Irongate as a suspect and then a prospect on a sales person's prospect list.  Our Internal Account Managers, Sadie, Curtis and Mark,  not only personally look after the needs of their own customers, delivering unparallelled one-to-one support, they also prospect for new customers. 

Earlier this week, Office Interiors Sales Manager, Simon "chopper" Clark devised this challenge to help reward their daily efforts:-

"Here’s a challenge for you, prospecting and gaining new accounts is a very important part of your jobs and daily activity. Now it could be a whole lot better. It’s easy. If you open a new account (must have an order to qualify) I will give you the chance to sit in a comfy leather chair the same as Adam's (our MD).

You get to sit in the comfy leather chair until the next person in the team opens an account. So you could sit in it for days or you could be in it for 5 minutes.

Please remember that this offer is brought to you by “Furniture land offer’s“ and everybody likes a bit of furniture..... "

Sadie Arscott enjoying the leather chair 
Who's turn next?

The chair is an IGG0241, Priced at just £184.95 

1 comment :

Ask Irongate said...

Mark Williams took the chair today. Maybe Curtis Hill - who has the coolest email address ever -, will be next?

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