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Friday, 27 September 2013

Meet our Customer Service Team

Have you ever wondered who that friendly voice is at the end of the telephone when you place your orders? We asked our Customer Service Team Leader, Adam Sokolowskyj to introduce his team.

“Adam, give us some background info on yourself”

“I’ve been with the company for six years now, having previously worked for DHL in several different departments gaining experience and finding out what levels of service customers expect and how best to exceed them.”

“Can you introduce us to the rest of the team”

Well, we’ve got two newbies, Chris and Holly and our long standing experts, Carla and Cat. We’ve also got Donna, who whilst is reasonably new to the team, transferred to us from another area of the business earlier this year.

Carla has oodles of experience having been in the team the longest (other than me of course). Her time outside of work is very precious and spent bringing up her fast-growing son who has recently started school. At weekends a bit of bike riding and swimming is often on the agenda and if time permits, Carla manages to fit in a bit of dressmaking depending whether the TV wins her over first. She’s always got time for a bit of clothes shopping though!

That brings me on to Cat who has now been with the company for over seven years, three of which have now been with the customer service team. Cat loves caring for her two rabbits, Spot and Charlie but is always up for fitting in a day out to a Derbyshire hot spot now and again. She enjoys a spot of cooking with her partner and also going out to restaurants to sample their cuisine to pick up a few ideas. Music and films also feature highly on Cat’s agenda.

Donna is re-living her youth and has become a theme park enthusiast over the summer and has been hitting all the big rides over the country. On the other hand she is very partial to a weekend country walk and can’t resist calling in to any hostelry that she comes by to sample their food and drink.

Holly is also in to cooking and in a previous life was a film student so there is no prize for guessing that she has a love for films in a pretty big way though we haven’t yet found out whether she is in to chick flicks, horror or thriller yet. Being on the arty side, she also likes to do a spot of creative writing in her spare time.

Chris is a native of Luton but has been in Derby for four years now. He also likes a good film or tv show especially the likes of Homeland and Game of Thrones. By all accounts, he likes to socialise and meet up with his mates at weekends and like most of us, enjoys his food.
Then there’s me... you can’t beat a night down the local with my wife. I’ve managed to fit in a few music festivals too this year including Download, V and Creamfields – a bit of an eye opener to say the least! Always up to watch the footy too.”

"What do you and your team do day to day?"

We have direct one to one contact with our customers, answering all their queries, processing orders and basically ensuring all their needs are met on a day to day basis. And, on the rare occasion that some trouble-shooting is required with regard to your order, we’re the team to sort it.

Each time a new account is opened, one of us is allocated to that account, so the customer knows who is their first port of call. We get to know our own accounts inside out and this helps us to deliver a better service at the end of the day. We also have a ‘buddy’ system in place so if your allocated contact is away, you have a second person to contact.”

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