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Friday, 6 September 2013

SME's don't understand social media

How to Become Visible with Social Media

by  on Nov 14, 2012

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Social media is the biggest change to how we communicate and publish in over 500 years.It is changing everything! 

Are you ready to move from being invisible online to visible? Are you the unknown expert and thought leader? Do you know how to market your business and personal brand? 

The printing press was invented by Johann Gutenburg, a German, in the 1439. The printing press allowed the Renaissance to spread because it made new ideas available to a much larger audience. More books were written in the vernacular, rather than in Latin. 

Johann Gutenberg was a German goldsmith. In his day, people slowly copied books by hand or printed them from wooden blocks where each letter of every page had to be carved separately. Gutenberg learned to make metal letters that he called "type." He could pick up the letters and place them in rows to build pages. Each page was held together by a frame. Gutenberg fixed the frame to a press and pressed the inky surface of his type onto sheets of paper. Gutenberg's movable type helped him to make copies of books faster and more cheaply than ever before. 

In the 1990’s people started expressing themselves with online diaries. According to Wikipedia, Justin Hall was one of the earliest bloggers who began eleven years of personal blogging in 1994 as the Web started to become widespread. 

The phrase was coined “web log“, which has through the wonderful world of language, been transformed into the term “we blog” and hence “blogging“. 

The tools for blogging have evolved to the point that the less technical of the population can now publish text, video and images simply and easily without understanding a single line of coding or computer programming. Tools such as WordPress and Tumblr have broken the technical tyranny of the geeks.
Self expression and creativity has exploded online and allowed anyone with enough passion and discipline to publish their ideas via rich digital multimedia. 

Blogging plus Social Media
The rise of social media has allowed bloggers to display and market themselves and their content globally without having to pay a cent to a newspaper, television mogul or to the mass media elite.
Bloggers that were previously undiscovered became global brands on topics as diverse as food, fashion and technology. Marketing your blog was no longer restricted to building an RSS or email subscription list. 

Publishing and marketing has been democratized. Freedom to express yourself globally is available in seconds and it is also mobile. 

The age of the printing press is now threatened after 573 years. Print media marketing has now been surpassed by digital media for the first time in history. 

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