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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Branded Merchandise is a Waste of Time and Money

Of course it isn't and here's why 

Promotional Products or business gifts are a great way of keeping your brand front of mind for both prospective and existing customers. Whether you want to promote your company, a product, a service or an event, they act as a powerful advertising tool that generates interest. And after all, everyone loves a freebie!

Whether you’re searching for sophisticated corporate gifts, seeking to add a bit of class to your advertising campaign or simply looking for the novelty effect, Irongate has the answers. Our resident promotional products expert, Sam Johnson has a wealth of experience in this field and has been providing quality and cost efficient solutions for our clients for years.

To find the right products for your marketing needs just give Sam a ring on 01332 614607 or email her at sjohnson@ Alternatively, you might like to visit our dedicated website where you can browse and get a few ideas about some of the products available. If this is not an area on the horizon at the moment, you may just like to request one of our catalogues. How to choose the right promotional product?

There are literally thousands of products which can be customised but it’s important to choose the right one. Below you will find Sam’s thoughts on the type of questions you should be asking yourself when looking for suitable products:Does my customer need this product? Is it something they would want and keep or would it be just thrown in a draw and forgotten about? Would it be used daily or just occasionally? Would they be pleased to receive this product as a free gift?

If the answer is no, look for something else. Does the product reflect company brand and service? Try to choose something that is relevant to your own products and beach balls. lip balms or even branded backpacks, company could choose services. For example, a travel
Are the products Eco-friendly? Eco-Friendly products will help you establish yourself as an environmentally friendly company and more people would love to connect themselves to your brand.

Is the product unique? Research your competitors and don’t select the same products they are using. Try to think out of the box and select some unique products so that you could really stand out.

Are the products easy to customise? Select items that you can imprint your company name, slogan and contact information easily. Are you selecting the right colour? Look for products that are the same colour as your logo so that it reflects and compliments your company brand.

Are the products reliable? Nobody likes gifts which stop working after few days even if they are getting them for free. Make sure that whatever you are going to give is of good quality as this will create a positive image about your brand.

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