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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Smarter Way to Shred

Businesses must take a stronger lead in empowering employees to keep their data safe by analysing existing procedures and implementing new ways of protecting consumers’ personal information from online hackers or theft of data by fraudsters who, for example, raid bins for crucial Analysis of frauds recorded on the CIFAS Staff Fraud Database reveals an increase in the level of fraud being committed by employees during 2012. Notably the attempt to obtain employment fraudulently (e.g. by withholding or falsely declaring information such as qualifications or previous convictions) were most common. Plus, a 22% spike in the number of dishonest actions by staff to gain a benefit by theft or deception (e.g. theft of cash from customer accounts) was recorded year on year.

Even frauds where an organisation’s staff stole customer data for personal have also increased. This year’s National Identity Fraud Prevention Campaign encourages businesses to be smart with the protection of information, whether it belongs to a customer, an individual employee or even the company’s own data.

Backed by a taskforce of partners from the public and private sector, the campaign reminds businesses and individuals of the simple measures to mitigate risk of the misuse of information: Whether information belongs to an individual or a business, never has it been more important to increase security of information given that the UK is at greatest risk of identity fraud compared to our European counterparts.

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