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Friday, 20 December 2013

Irongate Group's Christmas Jumper Day

Today we are having a Christmas outfit / jumper day to raise funds for our designated charity - Rainbows, a hospice for children and young people with life limited illnesses serving the East Midlands.

l-r Adam Noble MD, Laura Waller, Dave Shaw, Karen Stuart, Holly Robinson 

Steve Squires, Lynda Gregory, Gemma Killer, DJ Baz Pearne, Austin Coyne, Ian Mellin, Chris Valentine 

Beth-Aimee Wilson-Watts, Zach Arthur Wilson, Sarah Wilson (HR Director), Gaz Goodridge, Mark Williams, Donna Scrabacz, Cat Lambert 

Andy Whyatt, Ann Perry

Ryan Cummings, Sadie Arscott, Karen Milne

Kirsty Hadfield, Christmas Tree 

Mandy Palmer, Sarah Meakins, Emma Wright, Konrad Nowacki, Jenna Brightwell, Bernard Gillespie, Christina Lee attempting but failing to dodge the camera 

Nick Wheeler, Howard Forton, Nathan Gration

Merry Christmas!  

Monday, 9 December 2013

A Puppy is for life, not just for Christmas

and so is branded merchandise ...

Promotional products or business gifts are a great way of keeping your brand front of mind for both prospective and existing customers. Whether you want to promote your company, a product, a service or an event, they act as a powerful advertising tool that generates interest. And after all, everyone loves a freebie!

Whether you’re searching for sophisticated corporate gifts,seeking to add a bit of class to your advertising campaign or simply looking for the novelty effect, Irongate has the answers. Our resident promotional products expert, Sam Johnson has a wealth of experience in this field and has been providing quality and cost efficient solutions for our clients for years. To find the right products for your marketing needs just give Sam a ring on 01332 614607 or email her at

Alternatively, you might like to visit our dedicated website where you can browse and get a few ideas about some of the products available. If this is not an area on the horizon at the moment, you may just like to request one of our catalogues.

Monday, 2 December 2013

December is Awful

No it isn't!

December is a busy month and who doesn't love  Christmas? 

True, we'd love to be able to take our feet off the gas pedal as the holiday approachs, just a millimetre or two, but we don't. Instead its a case of cramming 4 weeks work into 3 on top of the year end rush. Busy busy busy. Awesome! Meanwhile at home its all go too.  Buying presents, putting up decorations, thinking about children, hammering the credit card,  meeting friends and family.  And Christmas on Sky TV starts 1 December so we get Noddy Holder's Top 100 Christmas Songs (again).   At work the decorations go up and there's occasional talk about the works "do" and who's turn it will be to fall over this year. 

We love December.   Its a great month. We get stacks done and a great break at the end of the month to recharge batteries and watch National Lampoons Xmas Vacation again.  Let's all raise a glass of egg-nog and toast the Griswolds, the spirit of Christmas, and one of the best months of the year:- DECEMBER.  Have a good one!

What do you say, Roy?

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