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Monday, 20 January 2014

Power to the people

With the increased usage of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and mobile computing products - comes an ever increasing need to keep them charged up. The portable power market is now worth £640m and consists of products such as USB wall and car chargers and other portable charge devices. Across the UK, 45% of portable electronic users say they always need more power and end up having to watch their device usage carefully to get through the day, clearly demonstrating the size of market that exists. 

This year, we have not only extended our range of Tablets to include iPad Mini, iPad Air, HP EliteBook, HP ElitePad, Galaxy Tab 3, but also our range of portable power solutions including Apple and Energizer. All Energizer Apple power solutions are authorized by Apple which is important as it appears that the latest Apple upgrade to iOS7 is blocking any “Lightning” chargers which have not been authorized by Apple from charging their device.  Also brand new for this year are our range of Powercases. Powercases are protective cases for iPhones, iPads and other devices that incorporate an ultra-slim, lightweight lithium polymer battery pack that can recharge your device. So when using PowerCases you get piece of mind that not only is your device protected in a stylish case but also that you are less likely to run out of battery life when they need it the most.

See pages 286 to 331 of our 2014 catalogue.

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