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Tuesday, 18 February 2014

8 reasons why you should represent your brand through a well-designed uniform ........

Your employees are the working embodiment of your brand, so creating a well-designed uniform in the style of your corporate image can be an effective way to further market your brand. Every interaction a member of staff has with customers and the general public is an opportunity for your brand to gain additional exposure.

So whether you simply want to refresh your existing uniform, talk to us about creating a uniform from scratch, or just want to benchmark your prices to check you are getting the very best deal, our Workwear specialists and design team are on hand to ensure your uniform is attractive, brand compliant and cost effective.  

Our design service
Uniform designs can take several forms: they can be either be designed for a one-off garment or designed as a whole suite of garments designed for many different garments and staff roles as a rebrand for a company’s entire workforce.  We can help you create a smart, practical, cost effective look for your workforce and ensure that your staff makes the right impression when they are in front of your clients.

Whatever you choose, we can provide samples and guidance throughout the process to help create your logo or design exactly to your requirements.

Save 15% on your current Workwear costs
If you currently source your Workwear from another supplier then why not take advantage of our free no obligation Workwear audit with one of our specialist where we guarantee to save you at least 15% on your current costs. As a result, you can expect to not only save money, but receive a service dedicated to meeting your specific requirements.

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